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United Healthcare Vision Insurance Plans & Benefits

United Healthcare Vision Insurance helps you maintain your vision health by providing discounts for eye exams and eyewear. United Healthcare Vision is underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company and allows you to choose between a vision rider with an optional dental plan for an additional premium or a standalone vision plan.

United Healthcare Vision Plans

What Is Covered Under a United Healthcare Vision Plan?

The vision benefits with United Healthcare Vision give you the benefit of choosing the eye doctor you prefer along with the prescription eyewear you are comfortable with. From access to vision discounts to routine eye exams, this insurance plan is framed to fit your style and life.

Some of the benefits and coverages of United Healthcare Vision:

  • Out-of-pocket costs are lower. You will save money if you visit an in-network provider from the large national network of retail stores and private doctors.
  • No waiting periods.
  • Options for coverage: You choose coverage for the frames and lenses, contact lenses or both.
  • As long as the primary insured is 18 years old, coverage is available for all ages.
  • You have the option of using a non-network. However, provider discounts will not apply.

This is the plan for you if:

  • You are self-employed and looking to round out individual coverage
  • Have a family
  • You are retired as this is a great Medicare option for individuals
  • You have health coverage but not vision care
  • You are looking for both an eye and dental insurance plan
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Find Out What Your Plan Covers

There are different plan options offered through United Healthcare Vision Insurance. To learn what your options are, click on this link and fill in the required fields.

Plan A allows you to choose contact lenses or glasses with a $10 copay when using in-network providers. There is no age limit or waiting times for this plan. Premiums start on this plan at $10.40 a month and are determined depending on your location.

These are the coverages provided with the different plans and how they differ depending on the provider you choose.

With Plan A and an In-Network Provider:

  • Eye Exams: $10 copay
  • Frames: $150 allowance


  • Single: $10 copay
  • Contacts: $0 copay with $125 allowance for non-selection contacts

Plan A and an Out-of-Network Provider

  • Eye Exams: $50 allowance
  • Frames: $75 allowance


  • Single: $40 allowance
  • Bifocal: $60 allowance
  • Trifocal: $80 allowance
  • Contacts: $105 allowance

Plan B and an In-Network Provider

  • Eye exams: $10 copay
  • Frames: $150 allowance
  • Lenses: $10 copay
  • Contacts: Select contacts $0 copay and non-select contacts $150 allowance

Plan B and an Out-of-Network Provider

  • Eye exams: $50 allowance
  • Frames: $75 allowance


  • Single: $40 allowance
  • Bifocals: $60 allowance
  • Trifocals: $80 allowance
  • Contacts: $105 allowance

There is a 12-month initial policy term required in some states. To determine if this applies in your state, check Vision State Variations 44276iCA-G for the state of California, 44276iWI-G for the state of Wisconsin, and 44276iG for all other states.

If you want to check your account to learn which plan you have, you can click the “Sign In” tab in the upper-right corner of the Home Page.

How to Sign Up for United Healthcare Vision Insurance

If you want vision insurance coverage, you can call a UHC representative at 1-800-273-8115 and learn which plan will work best for your coverage. If you are ready to sign up for coverage, click the “See the Plans” button on the home page for the “Let’s Get Started” page to begin your enrollment.

How to Locate a United Healthcare Vision Provider

If you want to check the list of providers available with United Healthcare Vision, click here. On the right-hand side of this web page, you will find a ‘Provider Quick Search’ tool where you can fill in the information to locate providers in your area.


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Last Updated April 4, 2022

Note: This page should not serve as a substitute for professional medical advice from a doctor or specialist. Please review our about page for more information.

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