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Davis Vision Insurance: Plans, Benefits, and Costs

Davis Vision is a national administrator that provides customized vision care to more than 24 million members at more than 116,000 points of access. Its services include free frames, free contact lenses, zero copays for eye exams and discounts on additional pairs of glasses and LASIK vision correction.

Plans and Benefits

Davis Vision offers vision insurance benefits through employers across the United States. In most cases, you must be an employee of a company that offers Davis insurance to sign up for coverage.

Davis offers two main types of plans — a basic plan and an extended plan 

Basic Plan (Fashion Excellence)

The Fashion Excellence plan lets members access superior vision care services while making significant savings. Once every 12 months from the last service date, participants can visit their Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and get:

  • One pair of eyeglass lenses with a one-year unconditional breakage warranty
  • A comprehensive eye examination
  • Contact lenses or frames with evaluation and fitting 

These benefits are in-network. At least four-fifths of major eye care retailers are in the Davis Vision network.

Extended Plan (Designer Gold)

Participants of the Designer Gold Plan gain more significant allowances for coverage than those in the Basic Plan. They receive 100-percent coverage for eye examinations once every 12 months and can get frames and contact lenses at a higher limit. 

Both plans cover either glasses or contact lenses, not both at once. 

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Davis offers three sets of coverage: self, self and one dependent and the entire family:

Costs of Fashion Excellence Plan

  • Individual – $6.93
  • Self plus one dependent – $12.45
  • Family – $16.95

Costs of Designer Gold Plan

  • Individual – $9.69
  • Self plus one dependent – $17.41
  • Family – $23.70 

What Is Covered?

Davis offers comprehensive vision care coverage, with options including a collection of trending frames, medically required contact lenses and routine eye exams.

For more than 50 years, Davis Vision has held a vast network of eye care professionals providing affordable care. Depending on your subscription, polices cover sunglasses on prescription and discounts on LASIK procedures. Additional benefits include:

  • One-year unconditional warranty: Any Davis Vision location will replace your frame or lenses if they break within their first year. The warranty is for eye care procured in-network.
  • Low vision aids: Once every five years, members can get a comprehensive evaluation and low vision aids within their plan. It includes up to four follow-up visits within the five years.
  • Savings: Members get discounts on glasses and contact lenses from participating providers. You should confirm if your preferred outlet accepts discounts when booking your appointment. 
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What Is Not Covered?

Davis Vision’s plans do not cover:

  • Vision therapy 
  • Unique lens designs
  • Corrective eyewear, safety eyewear, or eye exams demanded as a condition for employment
  • Eyeglasses and contact lenses in the same 12-month cycle
  • Eye injuries or diseases
  • Replacing lost eyewear
  • Treatment covered by employer’s liability laws
  • Optional cosmetic processes 
  • Additional charges for surgery or eye treatment in any facility
  • Vision services that do not cost the patient
  • Procedures conducted by a service provider outside the scope of their license

Davis Vision and LASIK Coverage

Members and eligible dependents can access significant discounts for laser procedures (LASIK) through Qualsight. Additionally, you qualify for a free LASIK consultation.

Before scheduling the eye exam, contact Qualsight to qualify for the Davis Vision discounted prices. 

As a member, you get 5 percent off the advertised special or up to 25 percent off the LASIK provider’s usual and customary charges, whichever is less. 

How to Enroll 

To enroll in Davis Vision insurance, you fill out a form within 31 days of your hire. Besides this, enrollment primarily happens during an open period or a qualifying event. Alternatively, you can visit the member site for more information. You need to be: 

  • A regular employee for six months or more, salaried, and working at least 20 hours weekly
  • Included in payroll classifications
  • A new employee within 60 days of hire


What is the copay for Davis Vision?

The Davis Vision copay varies depending on your selected plan, product, state, and employer. Login to your member webpage and use your client code to access information on nearby in-network providers, your copay and benefits. 

Does Davis Vision reimburse?

Using in-network providers gives you great value from your Davis Vision insurance, minimizing out-of-pocket costs. When you use an out-of-network provider, you pay your provider and fill in a direct reimbursement claim form. The forms are available on the website.


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Last Updated June 8, 2022

Note: This page should not serve as a substitute for professional medical advice from a doctor or specialist. Please review our about page for more information.

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