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Does VSP Cover LASIK?

Like most vision insurance companies, VSP does not fully cover the cost of LASIK surgery. Instead, they offer a VSP Laser VisionCare Program, which offers significant discounts on the cost of the procedure when you work with an in-network surgeon. VSP plans vary in terms of what they cover. A standard vision insurance plan won’t […]

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Will Vision Insurance Cover Glasses? PPO, Medicare & More

Most private vision insurance plans cover glasses, though most have a limit on the amount that will be covered. For example, if you’re purchasing designer frames, you’ll have to pay for the difference in price from standard frames out of pocket. PPO, HMO, and indemnity vision insurance plans generally offer this coverage. Original Medicare typically […]

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Superior Vision: Plans, Benefits, and Costs

Superior Vision is an eye-care insurance provider. This company, along with Davis Vision, are subsidiaries of Versant Health. It offers a variety of vision coverage plans, including individual and group. Its members have more than 127,000 service access points nationwide. If you’re thinking of becoming a member of Superior Vision, this guide will help you […]


What Can My HSA Be Used For? 

Hummingbird: HSAs are only available through an employer that offers medical insurance, and they are attached to high-deductible plans. You are limited by how much money you can add to your HSA each calendar year. Account owners usually access their savings to pay doctors and other medical-related bills via a debit card. What Is an […]

Anthem vision insurance

Anthem Blue View Vision: Plans, Benefits, and Costs

The Blue View Vision is the vision insurance coverage offered by Anthem, the second-largest health insurance provider in the United States. You can enroll in the vision benefits as a stand-alone policy or combine it with another health coverage. Here are the plans the company offers, including the costs. Plans and Benefits Blue View Vision […]

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Davis Vision Insurance: Plans, Benefits, and Costs

Davis Vision is a national administrator that provides customized vision care to more than 24 million members at more than 116,000 points of access. Its services include free frames, free contact lenses, zero copays for eye exams and discounts on additional pairs of glasses and LASIK vision correction. Plans and Benefits Davis Vision offers vision […]

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TRICARE Vision Insurance Coverage

TRICARE vision coverage rates among the best vision insurance policies in the United States. It provides coverage for people who wore a uniform in any of the armed services and also for their dependents. LASIK surgery and vision therapy are about the only two major procedures that TRICARE does not cover. What Is TRICARE Vision […]

cigna vision insurance

Cigna Vision Insurance Plans & Benefits

Cigna Insurance offers three types of vision coverage. Two of the three are available only in conjunction with employer-sponsored medical coverage. Discount plans for individuals and families are available through Cigna, through a local benefits broker or through the Affordable Care Act health exchange. Coverages and costs vary by plan, but you can include coverage […]

humana vision insurance

Humana Vision Insurance Plans & Benefits

Humana Vision Insurance Plan is an easy add-on to employee benefits or can be a stand-alone policy for anyone who desires vision insurance but does not have medical coverage. The Humana vision plan  covers diabetic eye care, routine eye exams, contact lenses, eyeglass frames and lenses along with other services. What Is Covered Under the […]

United Healthcare Vision Plans

United Healthcare Vision Insurance Plans & Benefits

United Healthcare Vision Insurance helps you maintain your vision health by providing discounts for eye exams and eyewear. United Healthcare Vision is underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company and allows you to choose between a vision rider with an optional dental plan for an additional premium or a standalone vision plan. What Is Covered Under […]

eyemed insurance benefits

Understanding EyeMed Vision Benefits

EyeMed Vision customers can get in-network and out-of-network vision coverage for eye exams, retinal imagine scans, eyeglass frames and lenses. EyeMed members also gain access to educational articles about the latest coverages, options and technology advances in eye care. Intro EyeMed’s mission is to ensure its customers feel better and see better. When you enroll […]

Aetna Vision Insurance Provider Locator

Aetna Vision Provider Locator

Aetna provides a robust vision plan for anyone who wants to sign up for discount eye exams and eyewear. The Aetna Vision Preferred plan also gives discounts for other non-eye activities, such as gym memberships, chiropractic care, weight-loss programs and travel. They can also explore discounts for LASIK surgery. Members can choose their eye doctors […]

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