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Best Glasses for Gaming: Why You Want Them

If you want to continue gaming for years to come, gaming glasses may be a good investment. They help to protect your eyes from the effects of blue light and reduce eye fatigue.

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What Type of Glasses Are Best for Gaming?

When looking for the best gaming glasses, consider these factors:

  • The quality of blue light blocking lenses
  • The effect of the lenses on colors
  • The weight of the glasses
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Types of Glasses for Gaming

Some players feel that lenses are essential for a better gaming experience. They may produce more contrast and brighter colors, and reduce symptoms of digital eye strain

Here are some of the features to consider when selecting lenses for gamer glasses:

  • Anti-reflective (AR) coating: This coating helps reduce reflections and glare from digital screens. By minimizing glare, AR coating enhances a game’s game’s color contrast. This can improve your eyes’ ability to focus and may improve reaction times.
  • Magnification: Lenses with good magnification power may help to reduce eye strain and squinting during gaming.  
  • Blue light protection: Lenses with tinted coating (yellow or amber tint) help block blue light from gaming screens. This may promote better sleep at night and reduce eye fatigue. 
  • Prescription ability: An optician could customize gaming glasses for your needs. For instance, you can add certain coatings, such as a coating to protect against blue light, to standard prescription glasses. Make sure to tell your eye doctor that you intend to use your glasses while gaming.

What Do Gaming Glasses Do?

Bright light blasting from your gaming screens can strain your eyes, and this can lead to eye fatigue over time. While there is limited evidence on the effectiveness of gaming glasses, they could potentially help with a variety of issues. Gaming glasses may:

Reduce Glare

Glare from the gaming screen can fatigue your eyes faster, leading to headaches and blurry vision. Gaming glasses help to reduce this glare by blocking some of the blue light, giving you a better gaming experience. 

Reduce Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) or Digital Eye Strain (DES)

CVS is a group of vision-related disorders resulting from prolonged use of digital screens. These are the most common symptoms of CVS:

  • Dry eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Headaches
  • Double vision
  • Red eyes
  • Loss of focus

Since gaming glasses can reduce strain on the eyes, you may experience fewer symptoms of CVS or DES.

What Are the Best Glasses for Gaming?

Here are some of the best gaming glasses on the market: 

  • Gunnar Optiks PHA-00101: These gaming glasses help to reduce blue and UV light. Their amber lenses also help to increase contrast, allowing you to more easily distinguish between elements on your screen.

    They have stainless steel frames that flex and fit the shape of your head. They also have adjustable nose pads that ensure your glasses will stay in place for hours. 
  • GUNNAR Razer RPG Gaming Glasses: These glasses have an iconic razer look and Gunnar’s latest lens technology with subtle magnification. The lenses provide 100% UV protection and block 65% of blue light. The lenses also have an anti-reflective coating that reduces glare and strain.

    Their scratch-resistant coating improves durability, and they have lightweight aluminum-magnesium frames, enhancing your comfort. Additionally, RPG gaming glasses are available with a prescription. 
  • Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses: These lenses have a light amber tint that blocks blue light. They also have an anti-reflective coating that protects against harmful light and UV rays.

    These glasses are affordable with lightweight weight frames and flexible bodies. They offer magnification options of 0-4X, which helps to enlarge your gaming screen. They are not available with a prescription, and their frames only come in one size. 
  • J + S Vision Blue Light Shield Glasses: These block 90 percent of high-energy blue light, providing maximum protection. They help you to see images on the screen clearly, giving you a quality gaming experience. 
  • HyperX Gaming Eyewear: These lenses block more blue light than other lenses on the market. Users find they experience an enhanced level of vision with minimal color distortion.

    The glasses have clear lenses that block blue light, which can reduce eye strain. In addition, they have a coating that prevents dust, water, or oil from entering the eyes.  
  • Trust Optics Gaming Glasses: These are among the most affordable glasses on the market. Their lenses reduce the strength of blue light, which helps to prevent digital eye strain. They also provide slight magnification that helps to reduce eye strain. They also have a lightweight frame, making them comfortable to wear.  
  • ALTEC Vision Blue Light Blocking Glasses: These glasses block UV light, blue light, and glare while letting more than 90 percent of visible light through. The frame is elegant and made of durable stainless steel.

Do Gaming Glasses Work?

While there is limited research on the effectiveness of gaming glasses, studies have shown that reducing blue light exposure can result in better sleep. Gaming glasses work by reducing or blocking blue light. 

Some gaming glasses also magnify the screen, which can reduce eye strain. Many players find they see the screen more clearly and enjoy greater contrast when they wear their glasses, which improves their gaming experience. 

How to Choose the Right Gaming Glasses 

When shopping gaming glasses consider these features:

  • Lens tint: Stronger or darker tints may allow less blue light to pass through. Look at the percentage of blue light that is blocked with the lenses. 
  • Material: Lightweight frames provide you with a comfortable fit without adding weight. When shopping, choose materials like nylon, high-quality acetate, and plastic. 
  • Frame size: Select the correct frame that fits well, maximizing your comfort. 
  • Lens coatings: These can help to reduce glare that can cause visual distress. Glasses with scratch-resistant coating are more durable. 

Gaming Glasses FAQs

Do gaming glasses work?

Yes, they can improve clarity with magnification and protect against blue light. They may also reduce glare and eye strain.

Can you wear gaming glasses all day?

Yes, you can wear gaming glasses all day. There are no adverse effects from wearing them for extended periods of time.

What do game glasses do?

These glasses reduce or block blue light. They can also improve contrast or clarity, which can lessen eye strain and fatigue.

Are gaming glasses worth buying?

It depends on what type of gamer you are and your vision. If you are a competitive gamer, consider buying gaming glasses to avoid or reduce vision problems. Their ability to block blue light can result in better sleep at night.

Do gaming glasses ruin your eyes?

Gaming glasses do not have negative effects on your eyes. You may grow accustomed to the experience of wearing them, but they won’t change anything about your eyes or vision.


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Last Updated March 5, 2022

Note: This page should not serve as a substitute for professional medical advice from a doctor or specialist. Please review our about page for more information.

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