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Your vision health is our priority. At MyVision.org, our team of ophthalmologists and optometrists offer trusted eye care information to help you learn more about eye conditions, glasses & contact lenses, and vision correction treatments like LASIK surgery.

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Eye Health & Common Conditions

The primary causes of poor vision and blindness in the US are linked to certain age-related eye conditions and diseases. Understanding these conditions and diseases, including their early signs and symptoms, prevention, and treatment options, is key to long term eye health.

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Eye Surgeries and Procedures

Advancements in medical technology have given us the ability to heal, protect, and correct our eyes and vision in ways we never thought possible. Eye surgeries like LASIK, Cataract surgery, and PRK are changing the lives of countless people everyday. Find out how these procedures may be able to help you lead a happier, healthier, more hassle-free life.

LASIK Surgery

LASIK is the most commonly performed and well known laser refractive surgery. It can help correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism and serve as an alternative to glasses or contact lenses.

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Cataract Surgery

There are two types of cataract surgery and both work to remove the lens of your eye and replace it with a new one.

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Other Procedures

With eye surgery becoming a common procedure, no matter what your vision or cosmetic needs are, there is likely a safe and effective surgical solution for you.

Glasses, Contacts & Your Prescription

To keep your eyes happy and healthy you need to ensure that your prescription, contacts, and glasses stay up-to-date. With seemingly endless types, brands, and choices how can you make the best choice for you? Click to learn more.


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