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eye axis

Eye Axis: A Way to Diagnose Vision Problems & Refractive Errors

The eye axis, also known as the ocular axis or visual axis, is a line that passes through the center of the eye and represents the path that light takes as it enters the eye and focuses on the retina. This line typically extends from the cornea (the transparent front layer of the eye) to […]

hand eye coordination how your eyes impact it how to improve it

Hand-Eye Coordination: How Your Eyes Impact It & How to Improve It

Good hand-eye coordination is helpful when taking part in activities that require the simultaneous use of the hands and eyes. When the hands and eyes work in sync, you can respond quickly to visual stimuli.  Good vision doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have good hand-eye coordination. Whether your vision is good or not so good, […]

best vr headsets what to look for what to buy

Best VR Headsets: What to Look For & What to Buy

VR headsets provide low-vision users with the ability to read, watch TV, and perform daily tasks with ease.  How Does a VR Headset Work? For people around the world who have low vision, virtual reality offers a myriad of possibilities for entertainment and socialization. By using a VR headset, a person with significant vision loss […]

electronic magnifiers where to buy

Electronic Magnifiers & Where to Buy

Electronic magnifiers can help you to read menus, books, or any other text. Portable devices usually range from around $70 to $200 online. Different electronic magnifying systems are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes to accommodate any work or activity you may have in mind. For instance, some magnifiers are equipped with […]

short bios of 3 famous and amazing blind musicians

3 Famous & Amazing Blind Musicians

Many blind musicians and singers have made our world brighter through their music and songs.  Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, and Andrea Bocelli have received unprecedented acclaim as musicians. They have achieved top honors and fame in the world of music, far beyond whatever most people could ever dream. Below, we’ve outlined the bios of these […]

best movies that feature blind characters

Best Movies That Feature Blind Characters

Many movies feature main characters who are blind or have a significant degree of vision loss. Below are some of the best movies that feature blind characters: Movies & Documentaries That Feature Vision Loss Whether you’re seeking encouragement or want to see things from a different perspective, the following films will keep you entertained and […]

bionic eyes everything you need to know

Bionic Eyes: Everything You Need to Know

Bionic eyes are visual devices that are implanted into the eye via surgery. Many different types of these visual tools are in development around the world, including in the U.S.  The goal of bionic eyes is to restore vision in people who have some degree of vision loss. However, they aren’t currently able to work […]

white canes for the blind types where to buy

White Canes for the Blind: Types & Where to Buy

White canes are specialized tools that allow for individuals with reduced vision to collect information about their environment, so they can navigate successfully.  White Cane Specifics The color of the cane is a signal for others regarding the extent of the individual’s level of visual impairment. A white cane that contains a red bottom section […]

best goggles for swimming and why they matter

Best Goggles for Swimming & Why They Matter

Swimming goggles protect your eyes when you swim. Swim goggles are designed with two pieces, made of two clear pieces of plastic with silicone or rubber rim, that are fitted snugly to your head with a stretchy band. This seals the eyes, so they’re protected from chlorine and water.  Why Are Swim Goggles Important? Goggles […]

best monoculars

Best Monoculars for Hikers, Sports Fans, Birdwatchers & More

The best monoculars are made for more than just looking at things. They’re made for exploring nature and getting close to the action, so they are often lightweight, easy to use, and durable. With these features, they work well for sports fans, hikers, birdwatchers, and outdoor enthusiasts. What Is a Monocular? A monocular is a […]

uva vs uvb radiation

UVA vs. UVB Radiation: What Is the Difference & How to Stay Protected

UVA rays have a longer wavelength than UVB rays. This length difference can influence the effect that exposure has on the body. For example, UVA is linked to the aging of skin, while UVB can cause sunburns.  UVA rays comprise 95 percent of the UV radiation reaching the surface of the Earth. What Is UV […]

medications that affect your eyes and how

Medications That Affect Your Eyes (& How)

All medications are accompanied by side effects, some of which can be particularly severe and even result in permanent symptoms to other parts of the body. Medications are intended to treat specific symptoms associated with a medical condition, but because the body functions as a holistic, dynamic, and interrelated system, it is not always possible […]

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