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Best Virtual Glasses Try-On Apps in 2023

Virtual try-on apps have made it easier than ever to purchase glasses from home in 2023. With these apps, you can quickly see how specific frames look on your face, so you have the best chance of choosing glasses you’ll like.

Best Virtual Try-On Apps for iPhones

Here are some of the best virtual try-on apps for iPhones in 2023:

  • Ideofit: Try on glasses and sunglasses from different brands with this easy-to-use app. Experiment with spectacles and see how the essential parts of glasses shape your face.

    With this app, you don’t have to scan your face or do any fancy tech work. Just put the phone in front of you, and the app goes to work with several frames to choose from. 

You can find the frame shape that works best for your face. When you find what you want, head straight to the store to place your Amazon order.
Price: Free

  • YouCam Makeup: With advanced face-mapping technology, users can try on glasses and view the precise look on their own face — right from home. This app makes it easy to choose favorite frames, from up to 50 glasses styles. 

Using a live camera, users can experiment with frame shapes, ranging from classic to modern. Explore the impact of glasses with different makeup styles.

Price: Free

  • GlassOn: This is a useful app that’s free and easy to use. It gives you a real-time try-on experience that’s pretty close to being in a store. Give the app access to your iPhone’s camera and start trying on glasses that work for your face.
    Price: Free
  • Warby Parker: Check out the great glasses and try them on to see how the frames look on your face in real time. For iPhone X and iPad Pros, you can use the True Depth front-facing camera to accurately see glasses on your face. 

If you like a certain model, Warby Parker offers up to five pairs for a real try-on experience at home — for free.

Price: Free

  • Glassify: Choose the best-looking glasses for your face, and take photos to keep track of your selections. You can choose from a list or catalog of frame shapes. Then, you can experiment with various tones, and hues. 

Price: Free

  • Lenskart: Use AI tools to identify the right frames for your face shape. This app uses facial analysis to help you get as close as possible to a real try-on experience. The company offers over 100 frames. You can easily explore prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses, and check out trending styles of the week.

Price: Free 

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Best Try-On Apps for Androids

  • Ideofit: This popular app works for Androids as well as iPhone users. It’s a fun way to try on glasses and sunglasses from different brands. Choose the frames that work best for you and easily make your purchase.

Price: Free

  • EyeQue PDCheck: Use this app to measure your pupillary distance, which is the distance between your eyes. This can help you more easily find glasses that suit your face shape and style preference. Although the app is free, you need to pay $13 to buy special PDCheck Frames.

Price: $13

  • My Face Shape Meter: Not sure which shape your face is? Use this app to take a photo and get a full grid layout identifying your face shape. With this in hand, it’s easy to look for various glasses.

Price: $2.99

  • Glasses Camera: Check out how you look in different glasses. Try on frames with different colors, designs, or contrasting details.

    This app makes it easy to be your own stylist, using the app features to see how you look with various frame shapes, colors, hairstyles, and looks. You can save photos and even set them as wallpaper.

Price: Free

Why Try-On Apps Help

Virtual try-on apps help you see the way specific pairs of glasses will look on your face from the comfort of your own home. With advanced technology, this is the closest thing to trying on real glasses at home. You get the try-on experience without the commute or hassle.

For businesses, virtual technology can help customers choose glasses they love while shopping online. Since it helps to ensure customers are happier with their purchases, try-on apps can help to boost customer loyalty.

Here are some of the benefits of glasses try-on apps:

  • Instant impact: For many of the virtual try-on apps, you don’t have to record a video, take a selfie, or measure your pupillary distance (PD). Just turn on your phone or laptop, and you can immediately see how the glasses look on your face.
  • Realistic results: Try-on apps are designed to create extremely realistic images. With the help of AI (artificial intelligence), you can feel confident that you’re making a solid aesthetic choice.
  • A comprehensive look: These apps often allow you to view yourself from different angles with the frames on your face. You can check out how your new frames look from the top, side, and other angles. 
  • Vast inventory: You can try on various frame shapes and colors. Play, experiment, and try different looks in seconds. This can be a much easier option, allowing you to try on more frames, than an in-store experience. 
  • Confident choices: With virtual eyeglasses try-on apps, you can shop for glasses online with much more confidence. You have a clear idea of how the glasses will look on you before you make the purchase. 

Face Shapes & Glasses Styles

Glasses frame the face, and they can help to emphasize or minimize certain features of the human face

Knowing basic face shapes and what complements them can help you pick glasses that are best for your unique face shape.

  • Round faces: Bold and angular styles work well to offset the curves of a round face. Stay away from round or small frames.
  • Square faces: Round shapes and thinner frames can work well with the strong angles of square faces. 
  • Diamond-shaped faces: Look for rimless or oval frames. Enhance your features by choosing frames with a strong browline, or opt for a cat-eye frame. Sharp angles are among the styles to avoid.
  • Oblong faces: Look for frames that add width with decorative colors or contrasting features. Adding depth creates a balanced appearance. Avoid circular or oversized glasses. 
  • Oval faces: Many frame shapes work well with oval faces. A wide frame can enhance the broadest part of your face. Geometric, square, and rectangular shapes are also favorites to add width. 
  • Heart-shaped faces: For heart-shaped faces, round and oval-shaped, thin, light-colored frames bring out the eyes. Be wary of oversized frames, heavily designed frames, or bottom-heavy eyeglasses, as these can make your face appear droopy.

Things to Consider When Buying Glasses Online

When buying glasses online, make sure to choose from reputable retailers with a solid return policy. 

Even though virtual try-on apps can help you to choose the right pair of glasses for your face, you might not like the feel of them when you actually receive them. While you might like how the glasses look, you may not like the materials or weight of the frames.

Most online glasses retailers allow you to return glasses easily if you don’t like them. Make sure you thoroughly read the retailer’s return policy and procedures to ensure there are no surprises down the road. 

Also, it’s a good idea to choose a glasses retailer with a solid history of customer reviews. If others have had a good experience with them, it’s likely you will too.


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Last Updated December 20, 2022

Note: This page should not serve as a substitute for professional medical advice from a doctor or specialist. Please review our about page for more information.

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