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Best Glasses for a Heart-Shaped Face: Styles & Where to Buy

The best glasses for a heart-shaped face will be a bit wider than your forehead. 

If you have a heart-shaped face, you likely have a broad forehead, narrow jawline, and angular chin. Typically, people with heart-faced faces have high cheekbones. The heart-shaped face is sometimes called an inverted triangle.

Glasses help to frame the face, highlighting certain features and minimizing others. The heart-shaped face is considered one of the most versatile shapes for glasses, as a wide variety of frame shapes look good on it.

What Frames Look Best on a Heart-Shaped Face?

While heart-shaped faces are pretty versatile when it comes to glasses that suit them, there are a few principles that can help you narrow down the almost overwhelming choices for frames. 

These frame types can look good on heart-shaped faces: 

  • Oval and circular frames: These frame shapes work well to add curves and softness to your features. They can draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones.
  • Rectangular frames: These geometric frames offer a polished angle that can balance heart-shaped faces. 
  • Rimless and semi-rimless frames: For unobstructed vision and a neutral approach, rimless and semi-rimless are worth considering.
  • Wayfarers and clubmasters: To add width to your face, find frames that extend beyond your temples. This focuses attention on your eyes.
  • Cat-eye frames: To add an upsweep for your face and a vintage look, consider cat-eye frames.
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Top Brands & Glasses for Heart-Shaped Faces

Here are some of the top glasses options for heart-shaped faces:

  • Simon Glasses in Polished Gold: These rounded frames from Warby Parker offer a striking appearance and subtle sophistication. Prices start at $145.
  • Dakota: These frames from Liingo are available in rich colors with softly rounded lenses. They cost about $80.
  • Browline Glasses: These glasses, available at Zenni Optical, offer a sleek look with a high-quality frame at a budget price. They cost about $26.
  • Ottoto-Bellona: These tortoise frames with gold details are available from GlassesUSA. They offer perfectly rounded elegance for your face, and prices start at about $105.
  • Albee Round Gunmetal: These half-rim glasses, available at EyeBuyDirect, offer a great way to frame a heart-shaped face. They cost about $20.

Frame Shapes to Avoid for Heart-Shaped Faces

While there isn’t a hard-and-fast rule about frame shapes to avoid for heart-shaped faces, it’s best to steer clear of frames that emphasize your forehead, such as square glasses. If you like square frames, ones that are slightly wider at the top (such as trapezoid frames) may work best.

Depending on your features, small oval frames may also be on the list of styles to avoid. 

If your face tends to be more angular and you want to add curves, avoid angled square and rectangle frames. Instead, choose rounded frames.

If you have specific facial features you’d like to emphasize or minimize, choose your frame shapes accordingly.

How to See Which Frames Work Best for You 

Virtual try-on apps make it possible to explore different frame shapes, sizes, and colors without having to go into a brick-and-mortar store. Popular brands, such as Warby Parker, GlassesUSA, Zenni Optical, and EyeBuyDirect, use virtual technology features to help customers choose glasses.

Virtual try-on apps can provide the next-best option to an in-person try-on experience. You can get suggestions on frames that will work best for your face shape and then “see” what they look like on you.

Heart-Shaped Face & Glasses FAQs

Do round glasses look good on a heart-shaped face?

Yes, round glasses can look great on a heart-shaped face. Round glasses can provide contrast to angular features, a broad forehead, or a narrow chin. The soft roundness of oval or circular glasses can look good on a heart-shaped face.

Do cat-eye glasses suit heart-shaped faces?

Cat-eye glasses can work well for heart-shaped faces, but choose frames that are wider than your forehead. The upswept frames draw attention up and away from your chin or cheekbones. This can work particularly well if you have a pointy chin. Your eyes will become the central focal point with these frames.

Which frames work best for heart-shaped faces?

Oval, round, cat-eye, semi-rimless, and aviator frames can all work well with heart-shaped faces. The precisely right frame shape will depend on personal facial features and style goals.


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Last Updated December 20, 2022

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