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Best Glasses for a Square Face: Styles & Where to Buy

If your face is considered square, look for slightly curved glasses to give you more definition. The classic recommended frame styles are rounded shapes, cat-eye shapes, and oval shapes.

What to Consider When Buying Glasses for a Square Face 

When picking the best glasses for a square face, it helps to understand the characteristics and structure of a square face. Square faces typically have strong jawlines and wide cheekbones. The forehead is often broad and prominent. 

Square-shaped faces may not be perfectly square. Typically, characteristics include a wide forehead, a wide hairline, an angular jaw, and flat cheekbones. 

Look for frames to complement your facial lines and shape.

In addition to picking the overall frame shape, consider your unique facial features such as the size of your nose. Evaluate how the shape flatters your nose. 

If you have a large nose, oversize frames may balance the size. If you have a long nose, high sidebars pull attention up toward the temple. A double bridge frame can make the nose look shorter. 

To find the best glasses for a square face, look at coloring. Dark, bold frames stand out and can become your trademark style. Lighter frames and lighter colors may minimize the presence of glasses on your face. 

The best glasses are ones that help you see clearly, feel comfortable, and feel confident. 

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What Glasses Frame Styles Look Best for Square Faces

When choosing glasses frames for a square face, keep a few principles in mind.

  • Thin round frames balance square-shaped faces.
  • Round frames soften angular features.
  • Oval frames balance and provide contrast.
  • Curved lines balance a strong jawline.

Naturally, selecting the best frames for your specific facial characteristics is a matter of personal choice. 

To find frames for a square face shape, get familiar with frame shapes. The most popular choices for a square face are round frames, browline frames, cat-eye frames, wayfarers, and navigators/aviators.

Top Glasses Retailers for Square Faces

There’s no shortage of retailers selling glasses that suit square faces. Here are some top options:

  • Warby Parker: Take their quick online quiz to learn about your face shape and the best frame choices for you. You can then filter by frame width, shape, color, material, or nose bridge.

    You can view frame options that are pre-selected for square faces. You can try glasses on virtually, and select five pairs to try at home for five days.
  • Liingo Eyewear: The Liingo face shape guide recommends going with glasses that sit high on the nose to add length and flatter your face. Round glasses add contrast. 
  • GlassesUSA: This retailer offers a huge variety of styles to choose from and a handy guide to choosing the best glasses for a square face. Start shopping for prescription glasses by filtering the best frames for a square face.
  • EyeBuyDirect: Select the best glasses for a square face by choosing from round and oval frames. Find the best frames for you from hundreds of options.
  • ZenniOptical: Find flattering glasses in cat eye, oval, and round styles at affordable prices. Search by frame shape, face shapes, gender, color, materials, size, and features. Expand your options and browse over 204 results for “glasses for a square face shape.”

Top Glasses for a Square Face

These glasses work particularly well for square face shapes:

  • Persol in Spotted Tortoise: The rounded shape softens the angles of a square face, and the distinctive trim adds style to these frames. They cost $354.
  • Ray Ban Original Wayfarer: These eyeglass frames feature the classic Wayfarer with an updated smaller frame and softer eye shape. They cost $191.
  • Ray Ban Aviator: These gold frames were originally designed in the 1930s for aviators. They feature timeless quality, comfort, and style in a shape that works well for square faces. They cost $179.
  • Zenni Browline: This timeless style works particularly well to balance the sharper angles of a square face. They cost $35.

Frame Shapes to Avoid

Some frames don’t work well for square faces. Steer clear of square and rectangular frames. These can make square face features look a little chunky or boxy. 

If you have strong angles in your face, consider finding balance with round or oval frames. The most flattering frame shapes for a square face do not have sharp angles.

How to See Which Frames Work Best Online

Virtual try-on apps help you explore different styles and find the perfect pair of frames for your face. Many glasses brands offer optical apps with virtual try-on experiences to make the selection process easy, simple, and hassle-free. 

Virtual try-on apps are transforming the way people shop for glasses. You can shop from home, office, or on the road. These apps make it convenient and easy to find the best frames for your face shape.

Virtual try-on apps are available for iPhone and Android. The process is slightly different on each app but easy to complete by following simple steps. 

To get started, download the app, get in front of a live camera or take a selfie, and find glasses by category. For the best glasses for a square face, look under the square face icon on the app. 
To be certain you have the best eyeglasses for vision correction, make sure your prescription is up to date. If you don’t have a current prescription, make an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam.


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Last Updated October 12, 2022

Note: This page should not serve as a substitute for professional medical advice from a doctor or specialist. Please review our about page for more information.

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