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Best Bluelight Blocking Glasses of 2022

If you’re concerned about the health effects of blue light from electronic devices in 2022, blue light blocking glasses may be for you. 

Blue light blocking glasses are increasingly popular, and many people believe they help to prevent damage to the eyes and promote quality sleep. There is some controversy over the efficacy of these glasses as well as the harm of blue light. Research continues to evaluate whether blue light blocking glasses live up to their claims. 

Blue light glasses are often promoted as able to promote healthy sleep, reduce eye strain, and prevent retinal stress. 

Digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome can occur if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer, and some people believe blue light blocking glasses can prevent some of this strain. If you’re in the habit of late-night scrolling, blue light can hurt your circadian rhythm. 

Best Overall Blue Light Blocking Glasses 

  • Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses with SCT-Orange Lens: These glasses are similar to the ones used by researchers to study the effects of blue light. This 3-pack is available for $33, enabling you to have glasses handy in multiple places around your home.
  • Look Optic: Select reading glasses are available with clear lenses that block 90% of blue light. Non-prescription glasses are available with magnification from +0.0 to +3.0. These cost $78.
  • Sleep ZM Clip-on Anti Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses: These non-prescription tinted lenses clip onto your prescription glasses. You won’t need to struggle with multiple glasses when you can just clip these on to your regular glasses. You can choose from different tints to block 87% to 99% of blue light, and the lenses come with an anti-glare coating.
  • FEIYOLD Blue Light Blocking: This convenient 2-pack of blue light blocking glasses makes it easy to keep these glasses handy. These are also one of the more affordable options.
  • Livho 2 Pack Blue Light Blocking Glasses: These glasses can protect eyes from visual fatigue while working online, gaming, or working under fluorescent lights. It’s only $17 for a 2-pack of glasses.
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Good Retailers to Buy Blue Light Blocking Glasses

  • EyeBuyDirect: Pick from a wide selection of blue light filtering glasses here. Options are available with and without a prescription, and the site offers a virtual try-on feature. Some glasses are available with fast 2-day delivery.
  • Zenni Optical: This site offers affordable blue light blocking glasses to reduce eye strain and filter out UV light. Options are available with prescription and non-prescription lenses.
  • DIFF Eyewear: This site offers designer-like, trendy frames at affordable prices. Blue light blocking glasses are available here in both prescription and non-prescription varieties. They feature over 700 pairs to choose from, plus clearance prices on some styles. They do not have a virtual try-on feature.
  • Felix Gray: This shop offers a great selection of styles and colors with blue light lenses. Options are available with or without prescription and with magnification. Virtual try-on makes it easy to select the pair that works best for you. These average $95 per pair.

What to Consider When Buying Blue Light Glasses

When shopping for blue light blocking glasses, consider your lifestyle needs and your comfort. Find a style, shape, and weight that matches what you enjoy wearing, so you’re more likely to use them regularly. 

Look for glasses that fit the following specifications:

  • Block 95% of blue light from digital devices
  • Anti-reflective coating
  • Anti-glare coating
  • Covered for breakage with a warranty 

Why Blue Light Glasses Are Important

The negative effects of blue light on the eyes are a subject of ongoing research.

Sleep quality, digital eye strain, and retinal damage are three areas of study.

Sleep Quality

Studies show that blue light from digital screens can interfere with sleep quality and may damage the eyes. A recent study confirms that blue light affects the inner clock that sets the sleep-wake cycle and impacts sleep quality.

Digital Eye Strain

If you spend a lot of time on a phone, computer, or another digital screen, your eyes are exposed to blue light. Digital eye strain is also known as computer vision syndrome (CVS). Symptoms may include eye strain, tired eyes, headaches, and watery eyes.

Damage the Retina

According to a 2018 study, blue light can stimulate oxidative stress in the retina, potentially increasing the risks of developing age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Prescription vs. Nonprescription Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses may help you protect your eyes. While studies are underway, people who wear blue light glasses often say anecdotally that wearing them has a positive benefit on sleep and comfort.

Oftentimes, you can have a special coating added to prescription lenses that blocks or minimizes the amount of blue light that enters the eyes. 

Blue light blocking glasses are also available on a nonprescription basis. These are simply clear lenses that limit the amount of blue light that can enter the eyes. Nonprescription glasses do not correct vision.

Blue Light Glasses FAQs

Do blue light blocking glasses really work?

There are varied opinions about whether blue light blocking glasses really work

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the effectiveness of blue light blocking glasses to reduce eye strain has not been proven by science. Another study found that blue light blocking filters did not have an effect on digital eye strain.

However, according to the Gavin Herbert Eye Institute, exposure to blue light can pose a risk of interrupting quality sleep, and blue light blocking glasses may have a beneficial effect.

What are the most effective blue light glasses?

Clear or yellow-tinted lenses target a precise range of blue light emitted from screens, so they tend to be most effective. 

What should I look for in blue light blocking glasses?

Consider your lifestyle needs. Some blue light blocking glasses are best for gamers, people who work at computers, or those who spend hours on a tablet. Others are ideal for sports enthusiasts, such as people who fish or participate in snow sports.

Look for blue light glasses that are comfortable, lightweight, and within your budget. You want a frame that suits your face well, so you’re more likely to wear them often. 


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Last Updated October 12, 2022

Note: This page should not serve as a substitute for professional medical advice from a doctor or specialist. Please review our about page for more information.

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