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Best Sunglasses for Small Faces in 2022

The best sunglasses for small faces tend to be oval, rectangular, or cat-style frames. Oversized sunglasses can overwhelm a small face, so aim for sunglasses that are small to mid-sized. 

What to Consider When Choosing Glasses for Small Faces

If you have a small face, take these things into consideration when shopping for sunglasses:

  • Comfort: You’ll want to find a pair of sunglasses that fits well and is comfortable. Having a pair of glasses that look good is not worth the price if they cause pain in the nose or ears or if they slide down the bridge of your nose. 
  • Size: Choose glasses that are small to mid-sized. There are numerous online and in-person stores that allow you to either virtually or try on different frames in person to determine which is the best fit for you.
  • Thickness: Avoid heavy, thick frames that can overwhelm a small face. Instead, choose thin, wire frames that can complement a petite face.
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Tips for Buying Sunglasses for Small Faces

  1. Opt for thinner frames or even semi-rimless frames.
  2. Cat-eye, oval, and rectangular sunglasses tend to be the preferred choices by people with smaller faces. These shapes traditionally fit well with small faces, so try them first.
  3. Choose lighter colored frames. Black or very dark sunglasses can sometimes overwhelm a petite face. Try lighter colors instead.

Top Women’s Sunglasses for Small Faces

  • Suncloud’s Del Ray model: This is a good overall sunglasses option for people with small faces. These sunglasses have a small to medium fit, and the shape fits well with a smaller face. 
  • Carfia Vintage Round Polarized model: This is a more cost-effective option for small faces. They are also designed to reduce glare off shiny surfaces by 99 percent.

Top Men’s Sunglasses for Small Faces

Men with smaller faces may prefer oval, eye-cut, or rectangular sunglasses. 

  • Ray-Ban Junior Aviator RJ9506S: This is one of the top choices for men with smaller faces. While aviators would perhaps not be the sunglasses of choice for most people with smaller faces due to their larger lens, the smaller junior version allows both small and big-faced people to look sharp.
  • Nike Dash: For more active people with smaller faces, the Nike Dash model is a popular selection because its flexible-fit frame allows for it to adapt to many different facial sizes. They also fit snugly to prevent falling during workouts.
  • Oakley Frogskin XS: These sunglasses are designed for children and teens, but they also work well for adults with small faces. They are essentially smaller versions of the original Frogskin model.

Ideal Size of Glasses for Petite Faces

The ideal size of glasses for petite faces will depend on a wide range of factors, such as personal preference, the purpose of the sunglasses, and your facial structure and features. 

For people with very petite faces, a small (S) or extra-small (XS) version of the original model of a pair of sunglasses is likely the best choice. The average frame size in a pair of adult sunglasses is approximately 138 mm wide. Individuals with either petite or slim faces may require frames closer to 124 to 128 mm wide.

How to Measure Your Face

In order to select the optimal pair of sunglasses, it’s helpful to measure your face. You can do so by measuring your face’s width.

To measure the width of your face, in front of a mirror, align one end of the ruler or tape measure with the very right-hand side, and the other end at the very left-hand side. One end should be aligned with the 0. Record the number on the other end. 

The measurement will give you an ideal of the frame size you need in millimeters.

Benefits of Try-On Apps

Try-on apps enable people to fit sunglasses and see how they will look on their faces without having to visit a store in person. Try-on apps have several benefits, including these:

  • They allow for multiple different styles and brands to be compared in the convenience of your own home. 
  • They save time by allowing you to order directly once you have been fitted. 
  • Try-on apps are fully hygienic and prevent having to wear sunglasses that have been touched and worn by other people.
  • They may help you consider and try on frames you never considered or knew existed based on the access to numerous different models and styles. 
  • Some apps help you obtain an accurate measurement of your face. 

Sunglasses for Small Faces FAQs

What sunglasses look good on a small face?

Some of the preferred styles for people with smaller faces include smaller frames, rectangular and oval frames, and classic cat-eye frames. Thinner frames also tend to look better on smaller faces.

Do big sunglasses look good on small faces?

They can, but it’s a matter of personal preference. Generally, it is most fashionable to select accessories and clothes that are customized to your unique physical stature. 

Even though there are general rules for the types of sunglasses that look good on specific face sizes and shapes, your face and preferences are unique. You might find a big pair of sunglasses looks great on your small face, even if this isn’t universally recommended.


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Last Updated October 12, 2022

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