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ROKA Eyewear Review: What to Know Before You Buy

ROKA is an online eyewear retailer known for glasses and sunglasses that are suited to sports and outdoor activities. They also sell some other related gear, especially that suited to water activities. 

How Do They Work?

ROKA is a Texas-based glasses company where you can order fairly customizable sunglasses, eyeglasses, and readers, as well as some gear aimed at people involved in sports and high-intensity outdoor activities. 

Focusing on eyewear, the company’s store works much as would be expected of an online glasses retailer. You find frames that interest you, select from a wide variety of lens options, input your prescription, and make your order. 

What Does ROKA Offer?

ROKA has a wide selection of products, including these:

  • Sunglasses
  • Eyeglasses, including prescription glasses and readers
  • Goggles
  • Technical apparel, such as wetsuits and other swimwear

The company also offers an online prescription renewal test for $25, which is a comparable price to similar services available elsewhere. They estimate the test takes about six minutes.

Pros & Cons

ROKA offers a high level of customization when choosing eyeglass lenses. They also offer prescription sunglasses, which aren’t sold everywhere, and fairly well-priced swim goggles.

The biggest downside with these glasses is cost. While not extremely expensive, prescription glasses start at a fairly high $215. This is before selecting any extra lens options, like choosing better materials or blue light blocking features. This isn’t much higher than comparable alternatives, but it’s expensive enough that you should at least do some price comparison and decide if ROKA’s solid reputation is enough to sell you on a potentially higher price point.


ROKA frames start around $215. Single-vision lenses come standard and progressive lenses cost an additional $225. A buyer then has a choice of materials, with polycarbonate coming standard, Trivex adding an additional $70 to the total cost, and high-index material available for an additional $90, which may be necessary for particularly strong prescriptions. You can then optionally get blue light protection for another $60 or photochromic lenses for another $100. 

Sunglass pricing is comparable, with non-prescription options starting at $190.

Insurance Coverage

ROKA will count as an out-of-network provider under most vision plans, meaning reimbursement for a purchase may be possible but you will have to manually submit a claim to your insurance company. This process is relatively straightforward, and ROKA has a page on their website to help make it easier.

How Do They Compare Pricewise to Competitors?

As touched on earlier, ROKA isn’t a cheap brand. While their cheaper frames will end up costing you about what you might expect of the mid-tier options an eyewear retailer might offer, their more expensive frames and lens options could make your final total fairly high. 

Shipping Information

ROKA ships to essentially anywhere in the United States and most other countries that have a positive or neutral relationship with the country. They state on their site that an order must be made by 12:30 p.m. Central Time in order for it to ship the same business day. 

ROKA offers free standard shipping to the 48 continental United States on orders $150 and above. Otherwise, shipping will depend on a person’s location and the shipping option selected, with the three options available usually being ground shipping, 2-day shipping, and next-day shipping. Most customers can expect their order to arrive within about a week if the standard shipping option is selected.

How Does Ordering Work?

Ordering eyewear from ROKA is an easy process:

  • First, select the eyewear option you like.
  • Second, assuming you chose something customizable (like eyeglasses), you will need to determine which lens options you would like.
  • Third, you will need to input your prescription. You can upload a picture of your prescription or renew it through a vision test you can take on the site.
  • Fourth, set up your shipping address and select the shipping option you want.
  • Finally, decide how you will pay and place your order.

Reviews & Brand Reputation

ROKA has a fairly solid online reputation and reviews well. Some reviews praise the glasses for being able to stay in place especially well thanks to what the company calls GEKO grip on their glasses. This feature may be especially beneficial for individuals with conditions such as Parkinson’s, where glasses slipping may be a common issue, and the micro adjustments people generally make with their glasses when they slip becomes more difficult.

Is This Brand Worth It?

ROKA isn’t an eyewear brand for budget shoppers, but it is viewed as one of the most solid, relatively well-priced options available for people looking for well-built glasses that will stay in place. If you have issues with slipping glasses, especially for sports or other activities, check out this brand. 

Alternatives to Consider

Oakley is another brand that may be considered a good alternative to ROKA. Oakley is similarly associated with the outdoors and sports, with a range of lightweight glasses that are designed to stay put.

Other options you may want to consider include Smith Reverb, Pair, Tifosi, and Sunski. All these brands offer a range of options that are lightweight, durable, and comfortable. Many feature models that are designed for specific sports or activities.


These are some of the most common questions about ROKA Eyewear.

Is ROKA a good brand?

ROKA is a brand with a good reputation, although it lacks budget options. Their glasses are especially well suited to those involved in sports or who engage in outdoor activities like mountain biking and climbing.

Are ROKA glasses made in China?

ROKA sources its materials globally and then manufactures its eyewear in Austin, Texas.

Where is ROKA based?

ROKA is based in Austin, Texas.

How much do ROKA sunglasses cost?

The least expensive sunglass option offered by ROKA starts at $165. This is the starting point for AT-1 sunglasses if using a standard color scheme. The price goes up to about $200 for a more customized color scheme.



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