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Zeelool Review: What to Know Before You Buy

Zeelool is a budget eyewear retailer. They offer prescription glasses for prices that would be hard to beat elsewhere, although they have a somewhat mixed online reputation. Despite this, they’re definitely worth looking at if you want to get glasses cheaply.

How Do They Work?

Zeelool is a budget eyewear retailer that offers frequent sales on top of what are already competitively priced frames and lens options. 

They also have some cool features available on their site, such as their AR Try-On functionality that lets you see an augmented reality approximation of what frames might look like on your face using your phone’s camera.

What Does Zeelool Offer?

Zeelool sells eyeglasses, sunglasses, and eyewear accessories like cases and glasses chains, as well as some jewelry that is meant to match the various styles of the frames they sell. They have most of the most popular lens options for glasses, and they make customizing glasses a pretty easy process.

Pros & Cons

In theory, Zeelool allows an individual to get a pair of basic prescription glasses for about $25, plus $6.95 in shipping. This is without accounting for their many frames that are on sale and some of the discounts they offer. Some frames are available for under $5. This is a deal you would struggle to get almost anywhere else and is definitely worth highlighting for budget shoppers.

As for cons, Zeelool is definitively a budget retailer. You cannot find high-end eyewear on their site, although they do offer some nice lens customization options. They also have slow shipping times. You can generally expect to wait at least two weeks to get your glasses. 

While aesthetics and fashion preferences are subjective, some reviews say their inexpensive frames look cheap. However, in fairness, this isn’t universally true, and they definitely have frames on sale that are well reviewed and inexpensive.

Cost & Insurance

Zeelool frequently offers many of its frames at bargain prices, with at least a few dozen frames available on sale for under $10. Sales aside, the company offers many frames in a variety of styles for under $20 and even their most expensive frames are under $50. 

Lens costs will depend on the customization options chosen. Standard prescription lenses cost between $5 for the most basic options to $40 for the ability to add a custom color tint. The material you select can further change the cost of your lenses, with 1.57 mid-Index plastic coming free and 1.67 high-index (which is especially thin and may be needed for certain strong prescriptions) costing an additional $45. Progressive lenses are more expensive, with basic progressive lenses starting at $35.

Zeelool is an out-of-network provider under vision insurance, meaning you will need to submit an invoice to your insurance company if you want reimbursement. However, Zeelool is also very willing to give a detailed copy of your order invoice for this purpose. The process of submitting a reimbursement claim isn’t usually very difficult. 

How Do They Compare Pricewise to Competitors?

Pricewise, Zeelool is one of the best places to get prescription glasses. The low cost of $25 plus $6.95 in shipping for prescription glasses is a good deal, and that’s without accounting for the many deals they offer. 

The glasses you will get at that price will be simple and may lack lens features many customers look for. However, you can also choose to customize your lenses so that, for a higher cost, your glasses should have more or less any feature most customers might want in their lenses. None of the lens customization options are outrageously priced either.

Shipping Information

Zeelool offers three tiers of shipping for U.S. orders:

  • Standard Shipping, with an estimated delivery time of 14 to 21 days, for $6.95
  • Advanced Shipping, with an estimated delivery time of 10 to 16 days, for $9.95
  • Business Express, with an estimated delivery time of 7 to 14 days, for $18.95

Standard shipping is free for orders over $69. Overall, these shipping options are somewhat mediocre compared to Zeelool’s competition, mostly due to the delivery times. Many retailers are able to get glasses to customers much faster at similar shipping costs.

How Does Ordering Work?

To order eyewear from Zeelool, first find a pair of frames that interest you. Then, customize them as desired, as many frames come in several color schemes. Assuming you want prescription lenses, you then click “Select Lenses” and go through each page of options, with “Single Vision” glasses being what most people who need glasses will want to select.

Eventually, you will need to input your prescription. If you’re not sure how to do this, talk with your eye doctor about which measurements refer to what and make sure to ask what your pupillary distance is. 

Once your prescription is put in, you can then decide if you want to further customize your lenses with other options like tint or blue light blocking. 

Zelool’s return policy allows for 30-day exchanges and returns on unsatisfactory products, with exchanges not considered eligible for another exchange or return. Additionally, the company offers a 365-day warranty for issues relating to defects in material or workmanship (not damage as the result of accidents or negligence). Altogether, at least as they present it, this is a very strong return policy that lacks many of the caveats about a product needing to be unopened or unused that we see with most online glasses retailers.

Reviews & Brand Reputation

Positive reviews of Zeelool often highlight the company’s low costs and reliable materials. The company has a somewhat mixed online reputation. The most common issues noted in negative reviews seems to be issues with customer service and shipping, as well as some issues getting a refund on returns.

Is This Brand Worth It?

Zeelool is a retailer that is worth looking at for the average bargain shopper. They sell some varied, colorful frames at costs that will be hard to beat elsewhere. This seems especially true for sunglasses, with some interesting sunglass designs available for under $20.

Alternatives to Consider

In 2023, Eyebuydirect and Warby Parker as two standard alternatives to compare other online eyewear retailers against. These sites consistently rate well, with a good selection and a straightforward buying process. Firmoo is another well-reviewed site you may want to check out if you prioritize bargain pricing.


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