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hubble contacts

Hubble Contacts: Everything You Need to Know

Hubble contact lenses are an inexpensive vision option, but they come tinged by controversy. Hubble has been accused of deceptive and unsavory marketing and sales processes. In addition, the lenses are made from older materials that do breathe as well as newer products. Warning: Despite offering inexpensive contact lenses, Hubble contacts was hit with $3.5 […]

swim with contacts in

Should You Swim with Contacts In? Risks, Tips, and More

Swimming with your contact lenses in place is a bad idea. You should remove your contacts and use alternative eyewear like glasses or goggles. Protecting your eyes will prevent them from being damaged or your eyesight from being harmed.  What Are the Risks of Swimming with Contacts In? The problem with leaving your contacts in […]

intraocular lens

EVO Visian ICL Lens: Who Is a Candidate, Benefits, and More

An Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL) is the key part of an eye surgery that treats nearsightedness and other vision issues, usually eliminating the need to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses. The lens is fitted in between the iris and the eye’s natural lens. ICL procedures are alternatives to laser-based corneal surgeries. What Is an EVO […]

woman with astigmatism holding contacts

Do Contacts Expire?

All contact lenses come with an expiration date. Once they are past their expiration date, they are no longer safe for use, and you should discard them. The quality of the saline packing solution dictates some of the expiration date, but the dates can vary by product. Wearing contact lenses past their expiration date invites […]

colored contact lenses

Colored Contact Lenses: Everything You Need to Know

Colored contact lenses are thin plastic lenses that make your eyes appear to be a different color than they naturally are. They fit over the pupil and iris of your eye. Colored contacts can also enhance your vision, just like standard prescription contacts. You’ll need a valid prescription to buy any form of colored contact […]

eyedrops contacts

Best Eye Drops for Contact Lenses

f you wear contact lenses, you should only use eye drops specifically designated for contact use. The best eye drops for contact lenses are rewetting solutions that are free of preservatives. If you wear contacts, you can use other types of eye drops too. Removing your lenses before using these products is recommended. Then, wait […]

woman with astigmatism holding contacts

Best Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

Contact lenses are often recommended for people with astigmatism. Wearing them could give you the clear vision you want.  Astigmatism is a vision impairment that occurs because of an abnormal shape of the cornea or lens. These parts of your eye can’t focus light precisely on the retina. Consequently, you experience blurry vision due to […]

man taking nap with contacts

Sleeping with Contacts In: When Is It OK?

Sleeping with your contact lenses in your eyes goes against best practices for wearing them, according to manufacturers. With your eyes closed for such an extended period, contacts tend to dry out and tighten on your cornea. Such use makes wearers much more susceptible to eye infections. Wearing Contact Lenses at Night Contact lenses give […]

rigid gas permeable rgp lenses

Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Lenses: Everything You Need to Know

Rigid gas permeable lenses, also known as RGP lenses, permit oxygen to pass through them to get to the eye’s cornea. RGP lenses must be custom fit to your eyes, and they fit more closely to the eyes than hard contact lenses. These contacts are a good option if soft contact lenses don not improve […]

woman with contact lenses

Contact Lens Costs 2022

Contact lenses come in many types, which can make comparing costs complicated. When making comparisons on contact prices in 2022, break down contacts by type. Remember that boxes often contain different numbers of lenses and different types of lenses stay in use for varying amounts of time. For accurate cost comparisons, note how long a […]

woman with contact stuck in eye

How to Safely Remove a Contact Stuck in Your Eye

To safely remove a contact lens stuck in your eye, use rewetting drops or saline solution to loosen the lens. Gently massage your closed eyelid to attempt to move the contact into its normal position. If this doesn’t work, call your doctor. Is a Stuck Contact Lens a Serious Issue? One of the bigger concerns […]

contacts for dry eyes

Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

Since contact lenses can limit oxygen flow to the eyes, they can exacerbate dry eyes in some people. While people with dry eyes had more limited options in the past, new technology means they have more options in contact lenses today. What Kind of Contacts Work for Dry Eyes? Overall, soft contact lenses work better […]