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GlassesUSA Review: What You Need to Know

GlassesUSA is a generally well-reviewed online glasses and contacts retailer that offers a variety of frame options, including several designer brands. They’re known for frequent sales, with many frames available for sharply reduced rates over their initial price.

GlassesUSA Overview

GlassesUSA is one of several online eyeglasses and contacts retailers, offering a variety of well-regarded eyewear brands to its consumers. 

Their site breaks available product options into several easy-to-navigate categories, including the common men/women categorization system. It also lets users target more specific types of glasses, such as multifocal options.

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Benefits of GlassesUSA

These are some benefits of GlassesUSA as noted by reviews:

  • Frequent sales, especially for first-time buyers
  • A useful virtual mirror tool to see how glasses look on you
  • Free shipping

Downsides of GlassesUSA

The same review linked above notes that GlassesUSA doesn’t offer a good system for trying on options before you buy. However, GlassesUSA does offer a reasonable return policy. Unhappy buyers can decide they dislike their choice within the return window and get a different pair of glasses if they want.

Their glasses don’t come with cleaning kits, which is somewhat unusual. Many online glasses retailers offer a basic glasses cleaning kit as standard, at least providing a microfiber cloth. Their website also doesn’t appear to sell any cleaning products at this time. 

Cost & Insurance

GlassesUSA offers products along a wide price range. If price is a concern, they offer the option to sort through their product list with the lowest price options first, which will usually reveal several varied frame options on sale as well as a variety of budget options at their standard price point. 

Their site makes shopping for glasses with most major vision insurance providers easy. It’s also easy to use an FSA or HSA via the site.

How Does Pricing at GlassesUSA Cost Compare to Competitors?

Because of their frequent sales, GlassesUSA regularly has frames available at competitive prices. While you may find cheaper frames elsewhere, GlassesUSA is still a good option to check out for budget buyers, especially if you don’t have a specific type of frame in mind. 

They also have a wide selection in the fairly standard $70 to $100 price range.

Shipping Process

GlassesUSA offers free standard shipping to U.S. and Canadian customers. Shipping times typically take between 7 to 10 days, with expedited and express shipping available for an additional cost of $9.96 and $12.95 respectively for U.S. customers. 

Canadian shipping takes about two to three days longer on average for the majority of their shipping options. They also offer international shipping for $29.95, although international customers may want to consider other online options if available.

Ordering Process

GlassesUSA has published a guide, walking new customers through their ordering process. For glasses, the basic process is as follows:

  • Choose a frame, including its shape, size, and color.
  • Select your lens type, including providing your prescription information (if relevant).
  • Complete your order.

They also offer a similar guide to purchasing contact lenses. These guides explain the ordering process in great detail, with the overall process being simple and comparable to the purchasing process with similar online retailers.

Reviews & Reception

With over 32,000 reviews on Trustpilot, GlassesUSA has earned a 4.5 star “Excellent” rating. Major complaints against the company appear to be rare, and they seem to try and resolve customer issues in a way many people find satisfactory.

GlassesUSA has received a B rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), with a number of complaints primarily to do with shipping. The company is highly responsive on the BBB site, seemingly responding and attempting to resolve every complaint filed. 

Alternatives to Consider

Many sources recommend Zenni Optical as a strong online glasses retail option. It is worth checking out their site to compare deals, features, and available options to see if you prefer their offerings.

Warby Parker is regarded by some consumers as the gold standard in terms of site features. It is worth considering for customers who like an easy, customer-oriented experience. 

One of Warby Parker’s more distinct features is the ability to select five frames to try at home before making a purchase. They also have a well-reviewed app from which you can make purchases.

GlassesUSA FAQs

Is GlassesUSA legitimate?

GlassesUSA is a legitimate online glasses retailer. While it has some complaints on the BBB’s website, it is well-reviewed, and the company seems to make a genuine effort to resolve customer issues. They also have a return policy that makes it easy to return glasses if you’re unhappy with your purchase.

Why is GlassesUSA so expensive?

GlassesUSA is not significantly more expensive than other retailers if you look at their budget frames and those on sale. One reason some frames may be more expensive is they carry several designer, high-end brands. These fashion brands can be expensive, but other affordable options exist for price-minded consumers, with enough variety to choose from that most people are likely to find an option they like at their price point.

Is GlassesUSA reliable?

GlassesUSA is a legitimate retailer that offers a wide variety of quality glasses. Their offerings span high-end designer frames to more affordable options. They have a good return policy and attempt to resolve customer complaints, so they can be viewed as a reliable, legitimate source for glasses purchases.

Can you return purchases to GlassesUSA?

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return glasses within 14 days of delivery.


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Last Updated August 9, 2022

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