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Electronic Magnifiers & Where to Buy

Electronic magnifiers can help you to read menus, books, or any other text. Portable devices usually range from around $70 to $200 online.

Different electronic magnifying systems are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes to accommodate any work or activity you may have in mind. For instance, some magnifiers are equipped with a camera that projects a magnified image onto a monitor. This type of magnifier allows you to read or perform certain cosmetic activities, such as applying makeup.

Magnifiers may be carried in the hand, and they offer varying magnification levels. You can take hand-held magnifiers to the grocery to scan price tags, or you can use them in a restaurant to read a menu more easily.

Electronic Desktop Magnifiers

An electronic desktop magnifier is a piece of equipment that may aid in the performance of a number of essential, day-to-day activities, including reading, writing, and desktop tasks.

A camera attached to an articulated arm captures the scene and projects a magnified version onto a screen. Electronic magnifiers and video magnifiers are common names for these devices. Called CCTVs in the past, they are now commonly used for magnification and aiding the visually impaired.

Some newer models also offer speech output and optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities in addition to magnifying text or images and displaying them on the screen. This way, the user can have the material read aloud at the same moment it appears on the screen. 

The key advantages of video magnifiers are their ability to expand print, photos, artwork, or anything else placed beneath the camera as well as their ability to improve contrast and brightness on a monitor.

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How to Use Electronic Magnification Devices

Whether you use a handheld electronic monitor or use it at your desktop, you can do several things with this low-vision visual aid, including these:

  • Read a prescription label
  • Follow direction on a package
  • Read all types of content
  • Thread a needle or perform other up-close tasks

Portable Electronic Magnifier Models

Most people find it easiest to use a portable electronic magnifier to perform any up-close activities, like reading. Since you can keep these handheld devices with you at all times, they are easy to use on the go.

How a Portable Electronic Magnifier Is Made

A portable electronic magnifier features a camera on the bottom of the device and captures pictures and text. It has a monitor on the top, so you can see the image.

Primary Features

Get acquainted with the features of electronic magnifiers to see which magnifier best fits your requirements. Here are some specifics about these tools:

  • Displays can be as little as 3.5 inches and as large as 13 inches. There are also 5-inch and 7-inch screens available.
  • Although some models still come with a standard-resolution camera and screen, many newer ones have HD options.
  • The magnifiers are easily transported and may be used in any room of the house or even outside, such as at a restaurant, store, church, or concert hall.
  • Typically, a sturdy carrying bag is included with your purchase. Use this to protect the device.
  • They may be charged and used for up to three hours before needing to be recharged. Recharging normally takes around three hours.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Electronic Magnifiers

These are benefits of electronic magnifiers:

  • They can be used just about anywhere.
  • They are affordable, ranging in price from $70 to $200.
  • In comparison to many powerful magnifiers, they offer a relatively large field of view.

These are some potential drawbacks of electronic magnifiers:

  • Some of the swing-out stands may be flimsy.
  • Some models may fade images or show edge distortion.

Top Portable Electronic Magnifiers Online

Below are some of the top electronic magnifiers you can carry with you and use all the time:

5-inch Eyoyo Portable Digital Magnifier Electronic Reader With Handle

This product has a memory function, memorizing reader habits before shutting down. It features 17 color modes plus five levels of brightness. Readers like its 5-inch LCD screen and its zoom that can go to 5X to 32X.

3.5-inch Eyoyo Digital Magnifier Portable Reading Aid With LCD Screen

This Eyoyo magnifier supports your reading needs with 2X to 25X assistance and eight color modes. You can also snapshot and screen lock functions to support playback and photo functions. This electronic visual aid is priced at $69.99.

WeniChen 5.0 Inch Digital Magnifier With 4X to 32X Zoom Features

This WeniChen model memorizes the shutdown habits of users for added support and spans 17 color modes as well as five levels of brightness. The 4X to 32X zoom technology makes it possible for you to find just the right setting to read any type of content you need to see. This product is featured for sale at $169.95.

Where to Purchase

You can buy any of the above models on the Amazon website.

Ease of Use

Whether you need to increase the text on your desktop or require a portable magnifier to use when you’re reading books or other text, you can find a product that will suit your visual preferences. When choosing a portable magnifier, remember to consider the screen size, color modes, ergonomics, and zoom features on the electronic device. Also, consider battery life to ensure it will work for your lifestyle.


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Last Updated March 15, 2023

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