How Animals See the World

Have you ever looked at your pet and wondered what could be going on in their head? While we may not be able to read the minds of animals, as eyesight experts, we can use scientific studies and decades of research to reveal how various animals are seeing the world.  To do this, we reviewed […]

woman with hazel eyes

Brown Eyes vs. Hazel Eyes: What Is the Difference?

People often confuse hazel with brown eyes because of the nearly similar hues. Although rare, hazel eyes have the second-highest concentration of melanin, making them appear light brown in some environments.   Typically, hazel eyes take the color of a hazelnut — a mixture of green and brown. But color combinations of other shades like gold, […]

woman taking amsler grid eye test

Amsler Grid Eye Test: How to Use It and How It Works

The Amsler grid is a vision-testing tool with a square pattern (crossed vertical and horizontal lines that form squares). A dot in the middle of the grid serves as a focus point for those who take the test.   Anyone who suspects a change in vision can self-administer the test at home in coordination with […]

woman pointing to eye shape

Eye Shapes: Which Eye Shape Do I Have? What Glasses Are Best?

Eye shapes are not a physical features that’s gets much attention, but they have an impact on our looks – and they can demand that eyeglasses fit the shape. There are four general shapes of eyes, and shapes can affect vision because shapes affect the size and dimension of the cornea. What are the Different […]

child with eye patch

Eye Patches for Eye Health – Uses, Types, and How They Work

Eye patches are one tool that eye doctors have to treat patients who have one of a small number of conditions. They are mostly used to treat a lazy eye or crossed eyes in children and double vision. It’s rare that someone has a wear a patch long-term, and most treatments that involve its use […]

Contact Lenses & The Environment

It is estimated that between six to ten metric tonnes of plastic lenses end up in wastewater in the U.S. each year. As contact lenses break down into smaller fragments, they pose a huge threat to aquatic environments. As small marine life mistake these for food, these small plastics are introduced into food chains. Eventually, […]