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LASIK Surgery in Arizona

LASIK is a common refractive surgery that often reduces and even eliminates patients’ reliance on corrective lenses.

If you live in Arizona, you have plenty of LASIK doctors to choose from in the state. In fact, it’s likely that you can find a top LASIK doctor in your region of Arizona.

When you choose an experienced doctor, you increase the likelihood of the procedure going well. Do your research to ensure the Arizona LASIK doctor you choose is right for you.

LASIK Surgery Centers and Surgeons in Arizona

Patients are talking about:
Professional and friendly staff
Expertise in LASIK and cataract surgery
Positive surgical outcomes
Issues with customer service and scheduling
Mixed experiences with postoperative care
Patients are talking about:
Proficient surgeons
State-of-the-art equipment
Effective surgeries
Poor customer service
Lengthy wait times
Post-operative complications
14269 N 87th St, Ste 203, Scottsdale, AZ, 85260
Custom Lasik, Monovision, PRK, RLE, ICL, Intacs, Lifestyle
Patients are talking about:
Excellent surgical outcomes
Highly skilled surgeons
Advanced surgical technology
Satisfactory post-operative care
Issues with office management
7205 S 51st Ave, Ste 201, Laveen, AZ, 85339
Custom Lasik, Lifestyle
Patients are talking about:
Smooth LASIK procedures
Expert care from Dr. Watkins
Exceptional post-operative vision
Well-informed patients
Life-changing outcomes
20819 N Cave Creek Rd, Ste 102, Phoenix, AZ, 85024
Custom Lasik, Monovision, PRK, RLE, ICL, Cross-linking, Intacs, Lifestyle
Patients are talking about:
Expertise in LASIK and PRK surgery
Reported vision improvement post-surgery
Alleged unprofessional staff behavior
Long wait times
Billing disputes
COVID-19 misinformation
Reassuring post-operative care
Equipment and office decor complaints
220 S 63rd St, Mesa, AZ, 85206
Custom Lasik, Monovision, PRK, RLE, Cross-linking, Lifestyle
Patients are talking about:
Successful cataract and LASIK surgeries
Rapid recoveries
Skilled surgeons
State-of-the-art surgical technology
Highly praised post-operative care
3321 E Bell Rd, Ste 12, Phoenix, AZ, 85032
Custom Lasik, PRK
Patients are talking about:
High success rates
Swift recovery
Patient-centered care
Highly skilled surgeons
Excellent post-operative care
State-of-the-art technology
8763 E Bell Rd, Ste 106, Scottsdale, AZ, 85260
Custom Lasik, Monovision, PRK, RLE, ICL, Cross-linking, Intacs, Lifestyle
Patients are talking about:
Successful surgical outcomes
Highly skilled Surgeons
Detailed Post-operative care
State-of-the-art surgical technology
Friendly Professional Staff
Precise Eye Examinations
Patient-oriented Approach
Patients are talking about:
Patients report successful cataract and LASIK surgeries
High patient satisfaction
Optimal patient communication
Majority of appointments started on time
Concerns about punctuality and post-op care
20201 N Scottsdale Healthcare Dr, Ste 220, Scottsdale, AZ, 85255
Custom Lasik, Monovision, PRK, RLE, ICL, Lifestyle
Patients are talking about:
Cataract surgery expertise
Successful Lasik procedures
Personalized patient care
Challenges in follow-up scheduling
Addressing post-operative complications

Top Cities for LASIK Surgery in Arizona

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