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LensCrafters Review: Offerings, Products, Locations & More

LensCrafters is a glasses and contact company owned by parent organization Luxottica Group SpA, the same company that owns Pearle Vision.  LensCrafters has a fairly straightforward online option for shoppers as well as a large number of physical locations you can visit.  LensCrafters Overview LensCrafters is an online and physical glasses and contacts retailer that […]

walmart vision center

Walmart Vision Center Review: Are They a Good Choice?

Walmart Vision Centers are physical locations that offer eye exams and the ability to order contacts, glasses, and some other eye care products. You can also order some of these things online.  The overall reception to their services is fair. We recommend researching them carefully before purchasing glasses or contacts, especially if alternate options are […]

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Best Anti-Fog Options for Glasses

Anti-fog solutions for glasses are any product or change of habit a person can undergo that will reduce the chances that their glasses fog up. Most anti-fog products and coatings work by reducing the ability for water to condense onto glasses, which is what causes them to fog up. Why Anti-Fog for Glasses Matters Fogging […]

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Warby Parker Review: What to Know Before You Buy

Warby Parker is a well-reviewed online glasses retailer, known for its especially good customer experience. They accept many popular insurance plans.  Warby Parker Overview Warby Parker is one of several popular online glasses and contact retailers. By creating an account with them and exploring their site, you can get various styles of frames with prescription […]

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Non-Prescription Glasses: The Best Fake Glasses & Where to Get Them

Non-prescription glasses are glasses that offer no change to a person’s vision (beyond the very subtle way all glass distorts light). Most people who wear these kinds of glasses do so for fashion.  These “fake” glasses are perfectly safe, although designer frames can be somewhat expensive. What Are ‘Fake’ Glasses? What people often call fake […]

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Zenni Optical Review: What to Know Before You Buy

Zenni Optical is a budget glasses retailer with a reputation for providing fashionable glasses of good quality at competitive prices. They are worth considering for consumers on a budget, although they don’t accept insurance. Zenni Optical Overview Zenni Optical is a company with the stated goal of providing affordable yet fashionable glasses to its customers. […]

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GlassesUSA Review: What You Need to Know

GlassesUSA is a generally well-reviewed online glasses and contacts retailer that offers a variety of frame options, including several designer brands. They’re known for frequent sales, with many frames available for sharply reduced rates over their initial price. GlassesUSA Overview GlassesUSA is one of several online eyeglasses and contacts retailers, offering a variety of well-regarded […]

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Bifocal Lenses: Pros, Cons, and Who Is a Candidate?

Bifocal lenses enable the eyeglass wearer to see clearly for both long-range sight and for up-close vision. People in their 40s are prime candidates for bifocals, particularly if they do not need help with their medium-range vision. What Are Bifocal Lenses? A bifocal lens corrects two refractive errors simultaneously (farsightedness and nearsightedness) by incorporating two […]

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Trivex Eyeglass Lenses: Pros, Cons, and Who Is a Candidate

Trivex is a type of plastic used in corrective eyewear lenses. It was developed by the U.S. military for use in protective eyewear and is prized for its excellent durability and high vision clarity. The lenses are available from top brands like Essilor and Younger Optics, though they may be difficult to find at some […]

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Best Glasses for a Low Nasal Bridge

If you have a low nasal bone, you might need a unique pair of low-bridge glasses to fit your facial profile. These glasses will sit nicely on people with a low nose bridge and higher cheekbones. How to Tell if You Have a Low Nasal Bridge An easy way to confirm if you have a […]

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Customizable Glasses with Interchangeable Glasses Frames

One of the latest trends in eyewear is the advent of interchangeable customizable frames. Some of these glasses are designed through 3D scans and prints, while others use mobile apps. The result is more variety of appearances for customers. What Are Interchangeable Customizable Frames? Customizable glasses with interchangeable customizable frames allow you to select a […]

target optical review

Target Optical Review: Eye Exams, Contacts, Glasses & More

Target Optical is an eyewear company owned by Luxottica, an Italian company that is the world’s largest eyewear company. Its stores are located exclusively in Target retail stores. Started in 1995 as Cole National Corp., it has more than 500 retail shops throughout the country, making it one of the largest U.S. eyeglasses companies. Most […]