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Oakley Eyeglasses Review: Everything You Need to Know

Plenty of companies are fighting for your eyeglass business. Oakley is one of them. You may be accustomed to this company’s work in the sports space. If you spend time skiing or engaging in other winter sports, you may have some sunglasses made by Oakley. 

But you may not know that Oakley also makes eyeglasses, including versions for both men and women. Keep reading to learn about these products and how to determine if they’re right for you. 

Meet the Oakley Brand 

Oakley is an American company founded in 1975 and headquartered in Southern California. The company invests in technology to develop a wide range of products, including sunglasses, prescription glasses, and goggles. The company also makes apparel and footwear. 

Oakley holds more than 575 patents and 1,100 trademarks. Innovation helps the company to drive the production of new products that can help people see clearly, both when they’re engaged in sports and in everyday life. 

Oakley’s Eyeglass Options 

Oakley provides many different types of eyeglasses for both men and women. The company lists more than 120 options on the corporate website. 

Oakley often provides frames in multiple sizes, so you can find one that fits on your face comfortably regardless of its size. 

Options include the following:

  • Top Knot: Colorful frames in satin amber surround round lenses. Adjustable pads help the frames rest comfortably on the nose.
  • Holbrook: The Holbrook is appropriate for both sunglasses and eyeglasses. Technology helps the glasses stay on your face comfortably, even while you’re moving. 
  • Admission Discover: This frame is lightweight and transparent, so the frames don’t stand out on your face. The frames are made specifically for gamers, with tiny temples that don’t interfere with a headset. 
  • Rhino Chaser: These lightweight frames come with titanium hinges, and a rimless lens makes them harder to see. Earsocks and adjustable nose pads make this option very comfortable. 

With the perfect frames chosen, it’s time to consider lenses. Oakley offers Blue Ready options that can protect your eyes from blue light. You can also opt for tinted frames that protect you when you’re outside. 

How to Buy Oakley Glasses

You can buy Oakley glasses directly from the manufacturer’s website. Choose a frame, submit your prescription, and you’re ready to move forward. They’re also available at many online retailers, including both niche glasses retailers and big-box retailers.

Buying glasses online is stress-producing for some people. If you’d like to see the frames on your face before you buy them, you have choices. These are just some of the retailers that mention they sell the Oakley brand:

  • LensCrafters
  • Target 
  • FramesDirect

Typical Cost of Oakley Glasses

On the Oakley website, frames cost between about $100 and $200. The company holds sales periodically, including some that allow for 50% discounts. Smart shoppers could find a great deal if they look at the site regularly. 

If you need lenses with prescriptions, your costs could go up. The more options you include in your lenses (such as anti-scratch coatings or tints), the more the final cost will rise. 

About 50% of American adults have some type of vision insurance. If you’re one of them, you could use these benefits to help you cover the costs. But your insurance plan may dictate where you buy your products, and there will likely be a limit on the total amount they will pay for frames and lenses.

What if You’re Unhappy Later?

Glasses are an investment, especially if the frames are filled with customized lenses. Your prescription may not work for another person, which could make them harder to return. 

The Oakley website states that customers can return products that are returned in a condition in which they can be resold. That may not be possible if you’ve customized them with lenses. 

If you buy products from a different retailer, those rules may not apply. It’s best to ask any company before you buy so you have a good game plan moving forward. 

Reviews & Brand Reputation 

Oakley is reviewed on several websites, and unfortunately, the news isn’t always good. Reviews cover all of the company products, not just eyeglasses, so the results can be a little less than helpful. 

On the website SiteJabber, reviews are negative. People say the glasses feel cheap, even though they’re expensive. People complain about lenses falling out or frames cracking and breaking. 

On the website Trustpilot, reviews are polarized. More than 50% of consumers give the company 5 stars, but 40% give the company 1 star. Reviews like this suggest that people either love the company or dislike it. 

Remember that your experience can be different. Reviews can help you make an informed choice, but don’t let them dictate everything you do. 

Also, people tend to leave reviews when they loved the experience or hated it. Oftentimes, people who fall somewhere in the middle aren’t captured in these reviews.


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