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Our educational guides are reviewed by Ophthalmologists, Optometrists and other vision experts. These guides provide valuable information on topics ranging from children’s eye health to how your vision can impact your mental health.

woman putting on eye makeup

Makeup Safety Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Cosmetic makeup is one of the most marketed groups of consumer products in the world. Although regulated, consumers should take safety precautions about what they wear and how they remove it. Makeup can cause allergies, skin irritations and infections if not handled correctly. Our makeup safety guide can help. Intro Most people today cannot imagine […]

color blindness test

Color Blindness: A Comprehensive Guide

If you discover that you do not see and experience colors as well as other people in your life, you may have an eye condition known as color blindness. The condition is often genetic, but you can acquire it later in life following an injury or disease. The X chromosome passes it down from generation […]

diet and nutrition and eye health

Diet, Nutrition & Good Eye Health

You have likely heard about diet and exercise as a prescription for a variety of health issues from high blood pressure to diabetes, but it can also be a path to clearer vision.  It does not work if your vision loss is tied to an injury or a genetic eye issue, and there is debate among medical […]

young boy in glasses

How to Combat Childhood Bullying for Wearing Glasses

Your child may need to wear glasses to see and read better if they have vision problems such as shortsightedness or farsightedness. It will help them grow, develop and learn as efficiently as possible, just like those with no vision problems. Despite its therapeutic benefits, wearing glasses can increase a child’s exposure to bullying by […]

young adults masks and glasses

COVID-19 Eye Health Guide

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for many people to access eye care the same way they once did. People postponed visits to their eye doctor or opted for virtual eye services like telehealth exams and online glasses-shopping. However, individuals with specific degenerative eye conditions must continue to receive in-person care to slow the […]

woman smiling glasses

What Your Eyes Say About Your Overall Health

Pop quiz: Do you need a comprehensive eye exam even when you think you have a healthy vision? Answer: Yes. While many people understand why a comprehensive eye exam is a wise thing to undertake, few people go for regular exams because they either think eye exams are meant for older people or they don’t […]

young girl on dad's shoulders

Guide to Children’s Eye Health

Children’s eyes and vision develop gradually and should be screened over the course of their lives. As your child ages, you may notice warning signs of common conditions for their age group. These conditions must be diagnosed and treated to allow your child’s vision to develop normally. There are also many things you can do […]

senior couple laughing with glasses

Aging & Eyesight: What to Expect and How to Improve Your Eyesight

Aging brings with it a lot of health issues. As you approach midlife, ophthalmologist visits will likely become more frequent because of changes in your body. How Aging Affects Your Eyes First, you will probably have difficulties focusing on close objects, and your peripheral vision may have decreased by 20 degrees by the time you […]

friends at computer

Improve Internet Accessibility for Individuals with Impaired Vision

About 2.4 percent of Americans have a visual disability, according to the National Federation of the Blind (NFB). This rate may be much higher when you include people that are not necessarily blind but have a vision issue. The 2018 National Health Interview Survey found through estimating that more than 32 million adults nationwide have […]

woman and children looking at tablet screen

Screen Time Guide for Parents

Screens are everywhere in the modern world. But spending too much time looking at screens can be harmful to your children’s eyes, bodies and minds. Setting limits regarding screen time can protect your child’s health and help them live a balanced, happy life. There are many tools to limit what types of content your child […]

young adult man outside

The Link Between Mental Health and Your Vision

Medical researchers have found close links between eye health and mental health. People with vision impairments often develop mental health problems like anxiety and depression because of the stress of living with their condition. People with mental health problems are also more likely to develop vision issues later in life. If you have vision problems, […]