Revision LASIK & Cataract Surgery

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Revision LASIK & Cataract Surgery

About Revision LASIK & Cataract Surgery

ReVision is a LASIK eye surgery provider with locations in Columbus and Mansfield, Ohio. Their commitment to patient experience and care sets them apart. The team at ReVision understands the importance of personalized care and invests in the latest diagnostic and surgical technology to provide patients with the highest degree of safety and a personalized visual outcome.

The eye surgeons at ReVision are passionate about their patients' vision. D. James Schumer, M.D. and Thomas Litzinger, M.D. are board-certified ophthalmologists who have completed specialized training in cornea and refractive surgical procedures. They are committed to improving the quality of life for their patients through education and advanced vision services.

ReVision offers a range of vision solutions that are tailored to each patient's personal lifestyle and vision goals. They provide LASIK eye surgery, PRK, implantable contact lens, refractive lens exchange, cataract surgery, corneal procedures, presbyopia eye drop, Intacs, and dry eye solutions. They work with each patient to determine which solution is right for them.

ReVision's commitment to patient safety is evident in their focus on following the highest health and safety standards to protect the health of patients, team members, and all visitors. They have been serving the Central Ohio community for over 25 years and have earned a reputation for excellence.

ReVision has two locations, one in Columbus and one in Mansfield, Ohio. They are dedicated to bringing patients into focus and improving their quality of life through advanced vision services with caring and dedicated physicians and staff. If you are considering a vision correcting procedure, ReVision is a top choice for LASIK and cornea care in the Ohio area.

Revision LASIK & Cataract Surgery Reviews

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Most Common Trends in Revision LASIK & Cataract Surgery Reviews

Highly skilled surgeons
Effective LASIK and cataract surgeries
Comprehensive aftercare
Top-tier patient communication
Occasional recovery concerns
Some financial complications

Patients are talking about:

  • The firm's LASIK and cataract surgeries have garnered a significant number of positive reviews indicating effective surgery outcomes, including instances of patients obtaining 20/20 vision. However, some patients did report a recovery period with temporarily blurry vision.
  • The establishment's surgeons, particularly Dr. Litzinger and Dr. Schumer, are consistently acknowledged for their expertise, patience, and calming presence during surgeries, which contributed to the positive patient experience.
  • Patients frequently credit the medical team's exceptional communication skills, from explaining procedures and options, answering questions, to providing clear instructions for aftercare, which helped patients make informed decisions and eased their surgery-related anxieties.
  • The practice's commitment to aftercare is appreciated by many patients, with commendations for proactive follow-ups, aid in managing recovery concerns, and responsiveness to emergencies.
  • While most patients found the billing process acceptable, there were a few reviews citing unexpected costs, insurance issues, and some related miscommunications as areas needing improvement.

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