icl vs lasik

ICL vs. LASIK: Differences & How to Choose

Both ICL and LASIK are designed to permanently correct refractive errors that affect how a person focuses and sees. LASIK reshapes the cornea with a laser, while ICL involves implanting a contact lens into the eye. LASIK is widely viewed as a safer surgery option since it has a lower risk profile and leads to […]

femto lasik

Femto LASIK: Everything You Need to Know

Femtosecond LASIK, often called simply Femto LASIK, is a newer type of LASIK in which a blade is not used to cut the flap in the cornea. Instead, only lasers are used during the procedure. How Femtosecond LASIK Works The femtosecond (FS) laser is similar to Nd:YAG. It operates by creating photoionization of the cornea’s […]

seeing halos after lasik

Seeing Halos After LASIK: Causes & What to Do

A potential side effect after LASIK is to see halos or glare, particularly around lights at night. You may also see starbursts, a type of glow that shoots out from a bright light.  These spherical aberrations usually fade after several weeks. In some cases, they may appear up to a year or more after the […]

why is one of my eyes blurry after lasik and what should i do

Why Is One of My Eyes Blurry After LASIK & What Should I Do?

Temporary blurriness after LASIK is common, and most often, it resolves within a couple days to a week.  Some cases of eye blurriness may be attributed to dry eyes. Blurriness may also result from another condition, such as cataracts, a residual refractive error, diabetes, presbyopia, corneal damage, or macular degeneration.  Temporary Blurriness When you’re recovering […]

can you smoke weed after lasik

Can You Smoke Weed After LASIK?

Yes, you can smoke weed after LASIK, but you should wait at least a week to do so following surgery. If you smoke weed sooner than a week after LASIK, you may face some complications and slow your recovery.  How Weed Affects the Eyes Marijuana smoke can be very irritating to the eyes, and it […]

if you have a thin cornea can you get lasik

If You Have a Thin Cornea, Can You Get LASIK?

People with thin corneas often wonder why LASIK will not correct their vision problem. After all, it is used to help people see better who have been diagnosed with glaucoma, cataracts, or refractive errors. But if your corneas are too thin, you are not a candidate for LASIK. Why Those With Thin Corneas Cannot Get […]

can lasik fix lazy eye

Can LASIK Fix Lazy Eye?

LASIK will not fix lazy eye. While LASIK can correct certain conditions that contribute to lazy eye, other treatments are needed to address the disorder.  What Is Lazy Eye? Amblyopia or lazy eye usually happens in one eye and sometimes in both eyes. It occurs when the brain and eye do not work together as […]

the pros and cons of lasik

The Pros & Cons of LASIK

Like any other form of surgery, LASIK comes with some risk, albeit the risk level is low. Those who undergo LASIK surgery can take comfort in the fact that LASIK has among the highest success rates and is the most commonly performed of any elective procedure. LASIK is FDA approved for the treatment of various […]

lasek vs lasik differences how to choose

LASEK vs LASIK: Differences & How to Choose

LASIK and LASEK are two separate procedures that help reshape the cornea of the eye for permanent or long-term vision correction.  Although LASIK and LASEK have similar names, it is important to understand that there are distinctions between these two forms of eye correction surgeries. While both procedures address abnormalities in the shape of the […]

is lasik eye surgery safe risks success rates

Is LASIK Eye Surgery Safe? Risks & Success Rates

LASIK is considered a routine procedure with very high rates of success for patients who wish to improve their vision. Although no surgery is foolproof and every surgery carries its own set of risks, LASIK has a particularly low rate of complications. LASIK Success Rates The Middle East African Journal of Ophthalmology asserts that 95.4 […]

how to find the best lasik surgeons

How to Find the Best LASIK Surgeons

When considering getting a LASIK procedure for vision correction, you undoubtedly want to find the very best eye surgeon to ensure you experience optimal results.  Any sort of laser eye surgery calls for the very best practitioners in a given area or region. Finding the best LASIK surgeons in your area and region is easily […]

bladeless lasik what is the difference which is best

Bladeless LASIK: What Is the Difference & Which Is Best?

If you are skittish when it comes to blades, knives, and sharp objects and considering LASIK surgery, you may find bladeless LASIK to be an attractive option. Bladeless LASIK involves the use of a femtosecond laser in lieu of a blade to create the corneal flap. Bladeless LASIK is beneficial to patients looking to avoid […]