Is LASIK Permanent?

LASIK is a type of permanent refractive eye surgery that corrects blurry or distorted vision stemming from myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. The outpatient procedure is a common one, and corrections from it should last a person’s lifetime. LASIK is one of the most successful procedures in modern medicine, with nearly 95 percent of people who […]

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LASIK Financing: Costs & How to Afford Surgery

LASIK can cost about $2,600 per eye on average, but you can utilize several different financing methods to reduce and otherwise offset that cost.  Many people pay for LASIK through financial institutions, and the loans available often have very manageable terms. You can also use several options to achieve a tax advantage on your LASIK […]


Using Your Health Savings Account (HSA) for LASIK

A health savings account (HSA) can help you save money on LASIK surgery.  An HSA is a tax-advantaged bank account that can help you save money on your federal income tax. LASIK surgery is a good candidate for using an HSA, as the relatively high cost of the surgery means you can use that portion […]

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How Many Times Can You Get LASIK Eye Surgery?

There is no set limit on the number of times a person can get LASIK eye surgery. It depends on the thickness of the corneas and overall eye health. Most often, patients achieve the desired result after one LASIK procedure. However, a follow-up procedure, commonly known as LASIK enhancement, may be needed in rare cases.  […]

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Can You Go Blind From LASIK? Get the Facts

While rare complications from LASIK can cause vision loss, LASIK has never been the sole cause of blindness for an individual.  LASIK surgery involves using a laser or extremely fine blade to cut the eye. As such, blindness is a small risk if complications occur. It is also possible to develop vision issues besides blindness […]

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Can I Watch TV After LASIK? What About on My Computer or Phone?

LASIK surgery can make your eyes sensitive to light in the initial stages of recovery. This can make the light coming off screens irritating, although permanent damage is not possible because of this light. Notably, many patients find TV screens less irritating than smaller devices, such as phones. Regardless, normal screen use can likely resume […]

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LASIK Post Care: What to Do, What Not to Do & How to Heal

For LASIK post care, follow your surgeon’s aftercare instructions to ensure proper healing and recovery. LASIK is a quick outpatient procedure. The recovery period is roughly 24 hours, and patients can often return to normal activities the next day.  Complete healing of the cornea could take several months.  LASIK’s Timeline for Recovery: What to Do […]

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The History of LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK changed the landscape of vision improvement. With continued advancements, the history of LASIK eye surgery demonstrates how rapidly this surgery has progressed.  Before LASIK The history of ophthalmology — the study of eyes — dates back to ancient times. Theories on all kinds of eye conditions, from cataracts to ophthalmoplegia, were documented in ancient […]

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Can LASIK Fix a Lazy Eye (Amblyopia)? What You Need to Know

LASIK eye surgery cannot fix a lazy eye, is a common vision problem that occurs when one of your eyes is significantly stronger than the other. The eye imbalance affects the development of your sight during childhood and causes your brain to avoid forming critical pathways between your eyes and brain. Someone with a lazy […]

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LASIK Myths Debunked: Know the Facts

Despite its widespread popularity, there are a lot of myths about LASIK. The truth is that LASIK is a safe, effective procedure with very high success rates.  Ever since LASIK (short for laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis, a corneal reshaping surgery) was approved for vision correction by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1999, millions of […]

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LASIK Enhancements: What Are They & Who May Need Them?

LASIK enhancement may be necessary if you don’t experience satisfactory visual improvement after your first LASIK procedure.  Your eye doctor will evaluate your vision and general eye health to determine if the enhancement will be the appropriate solution for you.  What Is LASIK Enhancement? To understand LASIK enhancement, you must first understand what LASIK is. […]

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Understanding Potential LASIK Side Effects

Potential side effects from LASIK include dry eye, short-term visual impairments, eye flap issues, and overcorrection or undercorrection.  Most often, these side effects resolve on their own, though another surgery may be needed to address overcorrection or undercorrection. Common Side Effects of LASIK This procedure does come with some risks, but the vast majority of […]