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Eye Surgery

Eye Surgery

KAMRA Inlay Surgery: Pros, Cons, Costs and More

KAMRA inlay surgery is a vision-correction procedure for people who want to correct presbyopia, which is a condition that makes it difficult for someone to refocus accurately on objects both near and far. The surgery involves one eye and takes less than an hour. Recovery time is 24 to 48 hours, although it can take […]

Enucleation of the eye

Enucleation of the Eye (Eye Removal Surgery)

During enucleation, surgeons strive to leave extraocular muscles and remaining orbital contents intact. The structures help with the implant of a prosthetic eye six to eight weeks after the initial procedure. Although enucleation results in loss of visual function, the procedure is performed to enhance a patient’s quality of life. Reasons for Enucleation One of […]

Laser iridotomy eye surgery

Laser Iridotomy Eye Surgery: Procedure, Side Effects, and More

Ophthalmologists perform laser iridotomy to alleviate eye pressure that threatens to cause long-term vision loss. The surgery takes only a few minutes, and its purpose is to minimize the development of glaucoma, the second-leading cause of blindness. The outpatient procedure can halt further vision loss, but it cannot reverse vision loss that has already occurred. […]

lasek eye surgery

LASEK Eye Surgery: How It Works, Uses & More

LASEK is a kind of refractive surgery that usually involves the use of a solution to help detach the epithelial layer of the eye, which is then scraped to the side using a special tool. Once the eye is reshaped and the refractive error corrected, that flap is moved back.  This flap is very different […]

Contoura vision guided LASIK

Contoura Vision Topography-Guided LASIK: The Difference

Contoura Vision is a topography-guided form of LASIK introduced by the company Alcon. It is the first of its kind to be approved by the FDA. Contoura LASIK is a more customized approach to refractive surgery, taking into account the unique topography of an individual’s eye and adjusting the procedure appropriately. This makes it more […]

YAG eye surgery

YAG Eye Surgery: What It Is, Uses, Outcomes & More

YAG capsulotomies help patients reduce opacification following cataract surgery. This is a fairly common clouding that can occur on the artificial lens inserted during cataract surgery.  Using a laser, surgeons make a small opening, helping to improve your sight within 24 hours. YAG eye surgery is a fairly minor procedure with a quick recovery period. […]

epi lasik laser eye surgery

Epi-LASIK Eye Surgery: Uses, How It Works & Outcomes

Epi-LASIK eye surgery is a type of refractive surgery. It is similar to LASIK but a thinner flap is cut into the eye, not going deeper than the epithelium.  This makes it a good option for patients who may have thinner corneas, helping to prevent corneal ectasia.  The Goal of Epi-LASIK Eye Surgery Epi-LASIK (epithelial […]

scleral buckle eye surgery

Scleral Buckle Eye Surgery Explained

Scleral buckle eye surgery is one option for reattaching a retina. It is often combined with other surgical techniques as part of a more robust treatment plan.  Scleral buckle eye surgery gets its name from a small band that is placed around the eye (the buckle), which helps keep everything in place after the surgery. […]

radial keratotomy

Radial Keratotomy (RK) Surgery: Uses, Benefits & Complications

Radial keratotomy is a mostly outdated procedure in which a surgeon makes deep incisions to flatten the cornea and correct a person’s vision.  Due to a number of common and relatively serious side effects, surgeons now use more modern alternatives such as LASIK and PRK.  Why Is RK Surgery Not Widely Performed Anymore? Radial keratotomy […]

ocular prosthesis prosthetic eye

Ocular Prosthesis (Prosthetic Eye): Types, Care, Surgery & More

An ocular prosthesis, also called an orbital prosthesis or artificial eye, is a synthetic eye that is meant to mimic the appearance of a natural eye.  It is common practice to install an implant and temporary conformer after any surgery that removes an eye. The conformer is replaced by a more permanent prosthetic after about […]

strabismus surgery eye muscle surgery

Strabismus Surgery (Eye Muscle Surgery): The Procedure, Recovery & Outcomes

Eye muscle surgery, also called squint surgery, is a procedure that adjusts the muscles in people with strabismus. Strabismus is commonly called lazy eye or crossed eyes. Strabismus has many known causes. In many patients, its cause is unknown, resulting in one eye drifting in one direction, with vision problems developing as the brain adapts […]

eye transplant surgery

Eye Transplant Surgery: How It Works, Complications and More

Eye transplant surgery encompasses a number of procedures, including ones to correct for cataracts, glaucoma, corneal defects, retinal detachments and eye tumors. Most procedures are outpatient, and you will recover from them fully in weeks. Most eye surgeries have a high rate of success. About Eye Transplant Surgery Eye surgery, or ocular surgery, is one […]