woman blocking eyes from sun

Can You Go Blind from Staring at the Sun?

A person cannot stare at the sun directly for long. It causes increasing discomfort, and for good reason: Looking at the sun is harmful to and dangerous for your eyes. Eye diseases like cataracts, photokeratitis, macular degeneration and eye-related cancers are all triggered by over exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UVR) and blue light. Staring […]

woman getting eye accommodation test

Eye Accommodation: How Our Eyes Focus

Eye accommodation is the natural process that allows you to keep your eyes focused on an object with excellent depth perception when that object — or you — are in motion. The process is made possile through a series of eye changes by its lenses. Our eyes lose their accommodation ability as we get older, […]

optical illusions

Optical Illusions: Types & What It Can Mean

When the brain receives signals from the eyes about an object or view that does not exist or that is distorted, it is called an optical illusion. The phenomenon points to an imperfection or malfunction in the vision system. Scientists have no hard explanation for these occurrences but suggest that evolution and physiology play a […]

cholesterol and your eyes

Cholesterol and Your Eyes

High cholesterol, a condition of excess lipid fat in the body, can create a range of negative eye conditions, some harmful, some not. Doctors suggest managing cholesterol levels by losing weight, eating healthier and exercising regularly. Cholesterol and Eyes Your body uses cholesterol, a waxy type of lipid fat, to manufacture vitamin D, steroid hormones […]

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UV Radiation, the Sun, and Your Eyes: Risks, Symptoms and Treatment

UV radiation is one of several types of powerful rays emitted by the sun. Although UV radiation is what delivers Vitamin D directly to the body, prolonged exposure to them causes skin cancer and a number of eye conditions. You should protect your eyes with wrap-around sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats. What Is UV Radiation? UV […]

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Lupus and Eye Issues: How Lupus Affects Your Eyes

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that causes the immune system to attack healthy parts of the body, creating pain, inflammation and fatigue. Eyes are among the parts of the body that lupus can affect, causing issues of dry eye, scleritis, retinal vascular lesions, blood vessel changes in the retina and sometimes nerve damage. More […]

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How the Eyes Work: Anatomy, Vision and More

Human eyes function when the three parts of the eye work together to let in light and focus the light to the retina, which sends electrical signals through the optic nerve to the brain. Eyes have three distinction sections — front, center and back. The front handles light input and focus. The center ensures the […]

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Night Vision Problems

Night vision problems are causes why someone cannot see clearly in low-light conditions. The most common reasons are age-related eye conditions, glaucoma, cataracts, presbyopia, diabetic retinopathy and complications for eye surgery, among others. Eye doctors can sometimes help someone see better at night by performing glaucoma surgery or cataract surgery and sometimes by refractive eye […]

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Xalatan Eye Drops: Usage, Side Effects and More

Eye doctors routinely prescribe the prescription eye drops Xalatan for their patients who have glaucoma. The medicated drops promote fluid drainage, an effective way to lower high pressure inside the eye. About 3 million Americans have glaucoma. An overwhelming majority of them qualify to use Xalatan, but it is essential to seek medical advice before […]

Low Vision Rehabilitation: How it Works

Low vision rehabilitation is an education and training process for people who have a low-vision condition that cannot be corrected by glasses, contact lenses or corrective surgery. Training programs are designed for practical, functional solutions to challenges that arise because of a person’s limited eyesight. Intro A program of low vision rehabilitation is one that […]

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What Is Considered Perfect Vision? How Common is Perfect Vision?

Visual acuity is what most people think of when considering how well your eyes function. The standard for measuring visual acuity is an eye chart test, which measures the clarity of vision at a distance of 20 feet.  20/20 vision is what eye doctors consider to be “good or normal” vision. Contrary to popular belief, […]

How Animals See the World

Have you ever looked at your pet and wondered what could be going on in their head? While we may not be able to read the minds of animals, as eyesight experts, we can use scientific studies and decades of research to reveal how various animals are seeing the world.  To do this, we reviewed […]