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Cataract Eye Surgery

how long does cataract surgery take

How Long Does Cataract Surgery Take?

The average cataract surgery takes about 30 minutes. Cataract surgery is one of the most common and successful surgical procedures. Over 2 million Americans undergo this procedure each year, making it one of the top 10 most performed procedures in the United States. In most cases, cataract surgery can be performed in less than an […]

anesthesia during cataract surgery what you need to know

Anesthesia During Cataract Surgery: What You Need to Know

Most cataract surgeries are performed while a patient is under a local anesthetic.  Are You Awake During Cataract Surgery? In most cases, patients are given local anesthesia, which means that they are awake during the procedure and fully conscious of what is happening. Local anesthesia helps render the operation virtually painless, so patients don’t feel […]

intraocular lens implant iol

How to Choose the Best Lens for Your Cataract Surgery

Intraocular lenses are ones that doctors use when they perform cataract surgery. People who opt for the eye procedure can participate in the selection process for the best lens for eye doctors to use for the surgery. Lenses have strengths and weaknesses for someone’s lifestyle and vision preference. Available IOL Lens Options  There are two […]

woman getting laser cataract surgery

Traditional vs. Laser Cataract Surgery

Laser-assisted cataract surgery is a much more accurate procedure than traditional cataract surgery, but not every cataract case is ideally positioned to have it. Laser cataract surgery is much more expensive than traditional surgery, and its benefits do not always make it cost-effective. Traditional Cataract Surgery Procedure Traditional cataract surgery is known as phacoemulsification. The […]

woman talking with eye doctor

Does Cataract Surgery Hurt?

Cataract surgery is considered a pain-free procedure. It is one of the most commonly performed surgeries. You’ll be awake during the surgery, but there is little to no physical discomfort involved. A mild sedative is used to numb the eyes.  Why Doesn’t Cataract Surgery Hurt? The numbing eye drops that are used ensure that you […]

couple looking at medicare coverage

Does Medicare Cover Cataract Surgery?

Yes, Medicare covers the majority of cataract surgery if it is deemed medically necessary. Medicare Part B covers 80 percent of the cost after the deductible is met.  Since Medicare Advantage plans cover the same services as Original Medicare, they will also cover cataract surgery. Exact coverage under a Medicare Advantage plan will depend on […]

man talking with doctor

Understand Cataract Surgery Side Effects & Complications

Cataract surgery is considered to be one of the safest procedures.  The risk of serious complications from cataract surgery is estimated by the NHS to be around 1 in 50 cases. A quarter of these are due to surgical complications. For most patients, cataract surgery is easy, fast, and free from issues. After surgery, vision […]

woman undergoing cataract surgery

Types of Cataract Surgery: Phaco vs. Extracapsular

There are three types of cataract surgery, with phaco, or small incision, being the most recommended and performed. Laser-guided cataract surgery may become increasingly common in the future. Types of Cataract Surgery Cataract surgery is one of the most common and well-understood types of eye surgery. Many people undergo cataract surgery and receive an artificial […]

man smiling after cataract surgery

Recovery From Cataract Surgery: Timeline & Tips for Healing

Recovery from cataract surgery generally takes one to two months. Cataract surgery is very common, so if you are at risk of cataracts or have a cataract, you may wonder what healing after the operation is like. This surgery is well studied and well understood, so the recovery process is known to be simple if […]

cataract surgery

Cataract Eye Surgery: A Common & Important Procedure

Cataract eye surgery is one of the most common, safest eye surgeries in the world. Older adults are at higher risk of developing cataracts, but this procedure restores sight when the natural lens of the eye becomes so cloudy or dimmed that you can no longer perform daily tasks. It takes about one to two […]

surgical room

The Cost of Cataract Surgery With or Without Insurance

Cataract surgery costs an average of $3,500 and can range up to $7,000 per eye. Both private insurance companies and Medicare can cover the majority of the costs associated with cataract surgery. You can still incur some out-of-pocket expenses, depending on your specific plan, carrier, and policy. More than half of all American adults ages […]