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3.8 (90)
5421 La Sierra Dr, Dallas, TX, 75231
Vision Quest - Dallas

About Vision Quest - Dallas

Vision Quest is a reputable provider of advanced vision treatments that use the latest technology in eye care to improve patients' sight. They offer a variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures, including LASIK, ocular plastics, glaucoma, cornea, cataracts, and dry eye treatments. Their experienced surgeons are trained in the latest surgical methods, and they care about their patients' vision as much as the patients do. They counsel patients on the best options available to them and monitor their eye health before and after treatments.

One of the services that Vision Quest provides is LASIK, a blade-free laser eye surgical procedure that customizes the surgery to each patient's needs. They use a special technology to create a 3D image of the patient's eye, giving the doctor the ability to adjust the procedure before they actually do the surgery.

Another service offered by Vision Quest is ocular plastics, which covers a wide range of surgical procedures that include cosmetic procedures, eyelid surgeries, eye tumors, tear ducts, and reconstructive surgery. They also perform other minor cosmetic surgeries such as removing a mole, lifting the brows, and BOTOX.

Glaucoma testing and treatment is also available at Vision Quest. They emphasize the importance of regular eye exams for those at risk of glaucoma, as it can cause long-term vision loss and result in total blindness if left untreated.

In addition to LASIK, ocular plastics, and glaucoma testing and treatment, Vision Quest also offers cornea transplants and dry eye treatments. They have a specialized Dry Eye Clinic and use the latest technology available to treat this uncomfortable disease.

Vision Quest has two locations to serve patients: one in Dallas and the other in Greenville. The Dallas location has an on-site surgical center for patients' convenience. Vision Quest is a reliable provider of advanced vision treatments that can help patients improve their sight and enjoy a better quality of life.

Vision Quest - Dallas Reviews

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Most Common Trends in Vision Quest - Dallas Reviews

Professional and skilled surgeon
Mixed surgical outcomes
Long wait times
Disorganized administrative staff

Patients are talking about:

  • Dr. Herman is frequently praised for his thoroughness and professional demeanor. He appears to make an effort to ensure his patients understand their eye conditions.
  • While many patients experienced successful outcomes with cataract and lens implant surgeries, a few faced vision issues, required follow-up treatments, or didn't achieve the expected results.
  • Long wait times are a common complaint among patients, with many expressing frustration about scheduling and delays.
  • Patients have raised concerns about what they perceive as unnecessary over-testing.
  • The clinic's administrative staff has been criticized for disorganization and lack of helpfulness, with several instances of poor communication and unfulfilled commitments.

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