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LASIK Surgery in Virginia

If you’re looking for LASIK in Virginia, you’re in good hands. The state is home to a bevy of skilled, reputable LASIK doctors with many decades of experience performing LASIK.

In your initial consultation with a surgeon, you’ll learn whether you are a good candidate for LASIK. The entire procedure is quick and painless, and your vision will be clearer immediately following with blurriness continuing to clear in the following days.

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LASIK Surgery Centers and Surgeons in Virginia

1201 First Colonial Rd, Virginia Beach, VA, 23454
LASIK, Custom Lasik, SMILE
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Patients are talking about:
State of the art technology
Skilled and friendly staff
Generally successful surgeries
Some scheduling and insurance issues
Occasional dissatisfaction post-LASIK
7961 Kings Hwy, King George, VA, 22485
Custom Lasik, PRK
Patients are talking about:
Dr. Joseph Dzibela: highly praised
Efficient appointments
Modern facilities
Advanced technology
Professional and courteous staff
Patients are talking about:
Proficient surgeons
Successful cataract surgeries
Excellent pediatric care
Administrative inefficiencies
Long waiting times
Poor scheduling
3301 Woodburn Rd, Ste 308, Annandale, VA, 22003
Custom Lasik, Monovision, PRK, ICL, Cross-linking, Intacs, Lifestyle
Patients are talking about:
highly successful surgeries
state-of-the-art technology
excellent post-operative care
improved quality of life
12110 Sunset Hills Rd, Ste C50, Reston, VA, 20190
Custom Lasik, Monovision, PRK, RLE, Cross-linking, Intacs, Lifestyle
Patients are talking about:
Highly skilled surgeon
Successful LASIK and cataract surgeries
Issues with patient communication
Lack of clarity in post-operative care
Long wait times
Billing conflicts
6946 Forest Ave, Ste 100, Richmond, VA, 23230
Custom Lasik, RLE, Cross-linking, Intacs
Patients are talking about:
Skilled surgeons
Successful cataract surgeries
Long waiting times
High costs for eye care products
Poor administrative services
3801 14th St N, Ste 74, Arlington, VA, 22201
Custom Lasik
Patients are talking about:
Knowledgeable doctor
Quality care
Long waiting times
Receptionist issues
Successful surgeries
Few misdiagnoses
650 Cedar Creek Gr, Ste 114, Winchester, VA, 22601
Custom Lasik, Monovision, PRK, RLE, ICL, Cross-linking, Intacs, Lifestyle
Patients are talking about:
Efficient scheduling
Friendly and knowledgeable staff
Clear explanations
Patient-focused care
Patients are talking about:
State-of-the-art facilities
Highly skilled surgeons
Successful surgical outcomes
Thorough post-operative care
Minor communication issues
1012 1 Colonial Rd, Virginia Beach, VA, 23454
Custom Lasik, Monovision, PRK, RLE, ICL, Cross-linking, Intacs, Lifestyle
Patients are talking about:
Successful surgeries
Efficient scheduling
Extended wait times
Allegations of overcharging
Rushed consultations

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