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4.3 (77)
2004 Hayes St, Ste 335, Nashville, TN, 37203
Shofner Vision Center

About Shofner Vision Center

Shofner Vision Center is a comprehensive eye care provider that offers LASIK/PRK surgery, cataract surgery, and general vision care. Shofner Vision Center's surgeons take a thorough and patient-friendly approach to their work, offering good explanations and not rushing their patients. The staff is professional and attentive, with excellent service and attention to detail. Patients have praised their staff and surgeons for their excellent service.

Shofner Vision Center has received several accolades and awards for its commitment to patient care and support of military servicemen and women. Shofner Vision Center was named one of 15 recipients of the Secretary Defense Employer Support Freedom Award from the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) of the Department of Defense. In addition, Dr. Stewart Shofner proudly received the Pro-Patria Award, presented by The Tennessee ESGR Committee.

Shofner Vision Center offers a range of services, including aesthetics, cataract vision correction, diabetic screening, general eye care, glaucoma treatment, and LASIK/PRK. Patients can receive comprehensive eye exams, during which their eye doctor will not only determine their prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses, but will also check their eyes for common eye diseases and evaluate their eyes as an indicator of their overall health. Shofner Vision Center's surgeons also offer a range of treatments and surgeries for retinal problems, such as diabetic retinopathy.

Shofner Vision Center is committed to providing high-quality eye care to patients in and around Nashville, Tennessee. Patients report that their surgeons take the time to explain the details of their treatment options, answering any questions and concerns they may have. With excellent service, a comprehensive approach to eye care, and a commitment to patient care, Shofner Vision Center is an excellent choice for those seeking LASIK surgery or other eye care services.

Shofner Vision Center Reviews

Shofner Vision Center Aggregate Rating

based on 77 reviews from around the web

Most Common Trends in Shofner Vision Center Reviews

Mixed success with surgeries
Questions about communication style
Issues with office administration
Some life-changing results
Concerns about procedural awareness

Patients are talking about:

  • Numerous patients reported positive surgical outcomes, with procedures such as PRK and LASIK resulting in marked improvement or even complete correction of vision, often described as 'life-changing'.
  • However, there were also reports of unsuccessful surgeries, with some patients stating they experienced no improvement post-procedure, or even worsened vision; a few patients also reported waking up during surgery, suggesting possible issues with anesthesia management.
  • A recurring concern among the reviews was Dr. Shofner's communication style, which some patients found condescending or dismissive of their questions and concerns, detracting from their overall experience.
  • Issues with office administration, particularly billing, was another point of criticism, with several customers reporting challenges in their interactions with office staff and misunderstanding about billing policies.
  • Despite these concerns, many reviews affirmed Dr. Shofner's surgical skill and knowledge, maintaining their trust in his expertise and acknowledging his contribution to their improved vision.

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