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2590 Frisby Ave, Bronx, NY, 10461
Pisacano Eye

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Pisacano Eye Surgery and Laser Center is a leading provider of refractive surgery to correct vision problems. They offer a variety of services to patients seeking to reduce or eliminate their reliance on glasses or contact lenses. The experienced surgeons at Pisacano use the latest technology to ensure that each patient receives the best possible outcome from their procedure.

One of the most common refractive surgeries is LASIK. Pisacano's surgeons are skilled in performing this procedure with great success, and have helped many patients achieve clearer vision without the need for corrective lenses. Pisacano Eye Surgery also offers other refractive surgeries, such as LASEK and PRK, as well as surgeries on the lenses of the eye, such as implantation of an intraocular contact lens or refractive lens exchange.

Pisacano Eye Surgery and Laser Center takes a comprehensive approach to patient care, offering regular eye examinations and encouraging patients to know their family eye health history. They have a passion for helping patients achieve their best possible vision, and offers a range of services to address all types of vision problems.

Pisacano Eye Surgery and Laser Center serves patients in a variety of locations, making it easy for patients to find the care they need. They offer their patients advanced technology and skilled surgeons who are committed to providing the best possible outcomes for their patients. If you are considering refractive surgery to improve your vision, Pisacano Eye Surgery and Laser Center is a top choice.

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