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Nashua Eye Associates

About Nashua Eye Associates

Nashua Eye Associates is a well-established, experienced medical practice located in southern New Hampshire. With a team of highly educated and trained surgeons, Nashua Eye offers numerous eye care services, including LASIK. The surgeons at Nashua Eye personally perform the pre-operative consultation, evaluation, and post-operative care, ensuring patients receive personalized attention throughout the LASIK process.

Nashua Eye provides both All-Laser LASIK and Custom LASIK services. All-Laser LASIK is a precise and effective form of LASIK that eliminates the use of a blade from the treatment. The femtosecond laser used by Nashua Eye surgeons to create the cornea flap is remarkably precise, resulting in excellent quality of vision for patients. Thin cornea flaps allow patients with thin corneas or large prescriptions to benefit from LASIK. Clinical studies show that patients who have undergone thin flap All-Laser LASIK experience fewer dry eye symptoms during the healing process.

Custom LASIK is another LASIK option offered by Nashua Eye. Using the Allegretto Eye-Q laser, Nashua Eye surgeons can tailor treatments to the unique aspects of an individual's eye, resulting in a superior quality of vision. Custom treatments are wavefront optimized and treat not only nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism but also higher order aberrations unique to each patient's eye. Patients who have undergone custom LASIK report less glare with oncoming headlights when driving at night, as well as fewer halos around streetlights. Researchers describe the quality of vision after custom LASIK as superior "contrast sensitivity."

Nashua Eye Associates offers LASIK services to enhance the quality of life of its patients. The personalized attention provided by the surgeons at Nashua Eye ensures patients receive excellent care throughout the LASIK process. Both All-Laser LASIK and Custom LASIK are available, providing patients with precise and effective treatment options. Nashua Eye is an excellent choice for those seeking LASIK services in southern New Hampshire.

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