Ida H Alul MD

2450 NE Mary Rose Pl, Ste 110, Bend, OR, 97701
30 years practicing
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About Ida H Alul MD


  • Ophthalmology Group Practice


  • MD - Univ Missouri - Kansas City 1988


  • Univ Minnesota 1990 - 1992

Board Certification

  • American Board Ophthalmology 1994
  • American Board Ophthalmology 2015
  • American Board Ophthalmology 2005
  • Prior to 1992, ABO re-certification was not required.

Surgeon Specialties

Cataract/Anterior Segment
Refractive Surgery

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Bend Lebanon Eugene Albany

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100 Mullins Dr, Lebanon, OR, 97355 (88 mi)
Monovision, PRK, RLE, ICL, Intacs
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Patients are talking about:
Successful surgical outcomes
Expert surgeons
Efficient medical process
Concerns over staff attitude
Occasional scheduling issues
Sporadic billing concerns
2450 Mary Rose Pl, Ste 110, Bend, OR, 97701
Custom, Monovision, PRK, Lifestyle
Patients are talking about:
Superior surgical outcomes
Expert LASIK and cataract surgeries
Highly professional and dedicated team
Personalized care and thorough follow-ups
Advanced surgical technology
Efficient clinical processes
1515 Oak St, Ste 105, Eugene, OR, 97401 (91 mi)
Custom, Lifestyle
Patients are talking about:
Life-changing procedures
Highly skilled surgeons
State-of-the-art technology
Committed to patient safety
2260 Oakmont Way, Ste 1, Eugene, OR, 97401 (90 mi)
Custom, Cross-linking, Lifestyle
Patients are talking about:
Advanced diagnostics
Patient-centric care
Informative consultations
Billing complexities
Prescription discrepancies

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