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About Boston Eye Physicians and Surgeons

Boston Eye Physicians & Surgeons is a leading eye care provider that has been serving patients of all ages for almost 75 years. Their team of Best of Boston Doctors and caring staff are dedicated to providing top-quality care and treatment for eye diseases. They offer a complete range of eye care services, including LASIK surgery, cataract surgery, glaucoma treatment, corneal conditions treatment, and much more.

The LASIK eye surgery specialist at Boston Eye Physicians & Surgeons is Dr. Ernest Kornmehl, who is recognized for his expertise in vision correction surgery. He performs custom wavefront LASIK at his local Laser Center, which combines the accuracy of the excimer laser with the benefits of Lamellar Keratoplasty (LK). LK has been refined by technological advancements of an instrument called a microkeratome or more recently a laser (IntraLase) that allows the surgeon to fold back a thin corneal layer of cornea for higher quality and accuracy.

In addition to LASIK surgery, Boston Eye Physicians & Surgeons offer several other eye care services to treat patients needing cosmetic or functional surgery on or around their eyes. One of the most requested procedures is ptosis treatment, which is a condition where the eyelid may droop and cause vision problems for patients. The eye surgeons at Boston Eye Physicians & Surgeons perform blepharoplasty to remove excess skin and tighten the eye area in severe cases of ptosis.

Boston Eye Physicians & Surgeons have highly skilled glaucoma specialists who can slow the progression of the disease by relieving intraocular pressure with surgery or medications. They also offer pediatric eye exams to ensure that children receive a comprehensive eye exam at least every two years. Their team of retinal treatment experts provide patients with high-quality treatments for retinal conditions, which are the leading cause of blindness in the United States.

Boston Eye Physicians & Surgeons serve patients in Brookline, MA, and the surrounding areas. Their team of Best of Boston Doctors and caring staff are dedicated to the care and treatment of eyes and eye diseases. If you are considering LASIK surgery or any other eye care services, Boston Eye Physicians & Surgeons is a reliable choice.

Boston Eye Physicians and Surgeons Reviews

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Most Common Trends in Boston Eye Physicians and Surgeons Reviews

Skilled surgeons
Satisfactory surgical outcomes
Strong technical knowledge
Positive post-operative care
Long waiting times
Billing issues
Variable customer service

Patients are talking about:

  • Dr. Kaufman and Dr. Schwartz particularly praised for their surgical skills and detailed explanations to patients
  • Patients reported drastically improved vision following surgeries such as cataract and pterygium removal
  • Post-operative care, including check-ups and necessary adjustments, highly commended
  • Significant delays experienced prior to appointments
  • Billing errors cited frequently, causing inconvenience to patients
  • Customer service quality varies, with some patients reporting negative interactions with front desk staff

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