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pilocarpine eye medications

Pilocarpine Eye Medications: Uses, Side Effects & More

Pilocarpine eye drops are used to treat certain kinds of glaucoma and to prepare the eye before surgery. In 2021, the FDA approved Vuity eye drops to treat age-related changes in vision.  Pilocarpine is also used orally to treat dry mouth. Pilocarpine Eye Drops vs. Oral Medication  Eye drops are used to manage angle-closure glaucoma, […]

marijuana for glaucoma

Marijuana and Glaucoma: Everything You Need to Know

Smoking or ingesting marijuana helps people with glaucoma because TCH, the key ingredient in marijuana, lowers eye pressure. However, its effectiveness is temporary, lasting eight hours after one dose. Research suggests CBD has the opposite effect, raising eye pressure. There are other alternative treatments besides marijuana for glaucoma. THC, CBD, and Glaucoma Many people have […]

man getting glaucoma exam

Pigmentary Glaucoma and Pigmentary Dispersion Syndrome

Pigmentary glaucoma development is associated with pigment dispersion syndrome. A chief characteristic of this kind of glaucoma includes the flaking off of pigment from the iris and resulting blockage of the eye’s drainage angle. The condition is more prevalent in men than women and is usually diagnosed in the third or fourth decade of life. […]

woman getting an eye exam

Open-angle Glaucoma: Risk Factors, Signs, Causes, and Treatment

Open-angle glaucoma occurs when an eye is unable to drain fluid as effectively as it should despite the drainage angle remaining open. With the fluid not draining fast enough, increased pressure inside the eye can damage the optic nerve. The heightened pressure wreaks havoc slowly. First it causes a loss of one’s progressive peripheral vision, […]

man with glaucoma

Glaucoma: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Glaucoma describes a group of diseases that damage your eye’s optic nerve, and they are the leading causes of vision loss. People with glaucoma often do not notice their initial symptoms, which makes it difficult to catch the conditions in an early stage. Glaucoma does not have a cure, but you can protect yourself from […]