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Overnight Glasses Review: What to Know Before You Buy

Overnight Glasses is a retailer that focuses on shipping eyewear quickly. They offer a large variety of customization options for the lenses as well as free returns with a satisfaction guarantee. 

How Do They Work?

Overnight Glasses is an online eyewear retailer that has built their reputation on the fast delivery of prescription eyewear. A customer selects the glasses they want, makes their order, and will usually get it within 24 hours, except for progressive and multifocal glasses which take a little longer to arrive. 

What Does Overnight Glasses Offer?

Overnight Glasses sells prescription eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses, and lens replacements. They have a number of standard frame options as well as designer glasses available for purchase. Eyewear aimed at men, women, and children is all available on their site.

A big focus of the model at Overnight Glasses is fast shipping, with glasses usually getting to customers within about 24 hours of purchase. The company offers a virtual try-on feature, allowing customers to see what a given purchase might look like on their face before committing. 

Pros & Cons

The obvious benefit of Overnight Glasses is that they allow you to get glasses very quickly without requiring you to pay extra for shipping. Costs aren’t obviously inflated to accommodate for this. Their model really seems to be designed around getting glasses prepared and in the hands of customers quickly and efficiently, at a cost that is comparable to slower competition. 

They seem to have a decent variety of frames and essentially all lens options that you might want, which are available at a reasonable price point. We also appreciate their virtual try-on option, letting customers see an approximation of what their glasses will look like on their face.

The company does seem to lack the lowest tier (less than $20 frame) options occasionally seen elsewhere, but even then, they still have frames priced under $50.


Overnight Glasses has frames available starting around $40 as well as designer options priced up to about $300. Prescription reading and distance lenses don’t add to the cost of a purchase, while bifocals add between $70 to $80 to your total cost. Progressive lenses add $99 to total cost, but these lenses are often sold at a much higher cost elsewhere.

Lenses can be further customized, with customers able to choose between standard, thin, and Trivex lenses. A package must be applied to the lens no matter which material you choose, with the cheapest being standard, clear lenses. This option adds $47 to $78 to the total cost, depending on current sales. The most expensive lens package available is for thin, polarized lenses, which adds $394 to the total cost.

Insurance Coverage

As is true of nearly all online glasses retailers, Overnight Glasses will generally be an out-of-network provider under most insurance plans. This means you can’t bill your glasses directly through your insurance company, but you can often get some or all of your costs reimbursed, assuming you are making a medically necessary purchase and following the rules established by your insurance company.

How Do They Compare Pricewise to Competitors?

Pricewise, you can get a basic pair of prescription glasses from Overnight Glasses for around $87, which is a solid price that not all retailers can compete with. Their pricing is competitive, although some of their more expensive options, such as thin, polarized lenses, are definitely worth first comparing with other retailers before making a purchase. 

Shipping Information

Shipping is by far Overnight Glasses strongest selling point, with much of their model built around their promise to deliver most glasses within 24 hours and progressive and multifocal glasses in three days. 

Overnight shipping is free as long as the order has their Rush Service, which is only available Monday to Friday. Orders placed on Friday will ship for Saturday delivery.

How Does Ordering Work?

Once you’ve found the frames you want, ordering from Overnight Glasses involves navigating a number of different menus. You will select from various options about your frames and lenses. Note that many frames have different size and color options, but not all of them do. 

As you select the options you want, you will eventually be asked to input your prescription. You can also choose to get non-prescription lenses put into your frames. 

From there, the order is much like any other online purchase. You put in your shipping and payment information and complete the purchase. However, unlike many retailers, the shipping will generally be very fast and at no additional charge.

Reviews & Brand Reputation

At the time of this writing, Overnight Glasses is rated at 4.72 stars out of 5 with 379 reviews on their Better Business Bureau customer reviews page. Most reviewers are happy with the pricing offered by the company and stated they got their glasses in the time frame advertised. 

Overall, the company has been given an A- rating by the BBB, with 57 complaints in total filed against the business. They have been with the BBB since 2019.

Is Overnight Glasses Worth It?

All things considered, it seems Overnight Glasses is definitely a brand worth considering when looking to purchase new glasses. They are well-reviewed, have many customization options, and offer fast shipping.

Alternatives to Consider

While fast shipping will generally cost more with other online retailers, Eyebuydirect and Warby Parker are two eyewear retailers you should also check out before committing to a glasses purchase, especially if getting your glasses fast isn’t a high priority. Even then, Eyebuydirect is noted in many reviews to be fairly good with fast delivery itself. 

Eyebuydirect has a large selection of frames, and Warby Parker is often said to have excellent customer service. 

Overnight Glasses FAQs

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about Overnight Glasses:

Can Overnight Glasses really get me glasses overnight?

If ordered before 12 p.m. PST, most Overnight Glasses orders will arrive within 24 hours. However, progressive and multifocal glasses are advertised as being delivered within 72 hours.

Is Overnight Glasses a legitimate retailer?

Overnight Glasses is a legitimate online retailer and can generally more or less deliver on its name, getting most glasses to a customer within 24 hours.


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