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Crizal Glasses: Scratch- & Smudge-Resistant Lenses

Crizal lenses have a coating applied to them that protects against glare, scratches, smudges, and other common eyewear issues. 

Essilor International makes Crizal. They are a world-renowned manufacturer of lenses, and their Crizal line is one of their most popular products. A socially responsible corporation, they pride themselves on delivering top-of-the-line, innovative prescription lenses.

What Are Crizal Lenses?

The Crizal coating helps to repel dust, reduce glare, and make smudges and scratches less likely on the lenses. This makes them particularly useful for those who do a lot of activities or work outdoors in bright environments, those who are in front of a computer screen a lot, and those who have trouble with night-time driving.

Crizal lenses also protect against blue light as well as UV rays.

How Do Crizal Lenses Work?

Crizal lenses feature a patented High Surface Density™ (HSD) process, which helps them to protect against smudges.

This process works by increasing the density of hydrophobic and oleophobic molecules on the surface of the lens, which makes it difficult for smudges and fingerprints to stick to the surface. With these lenses, wearers can enjoy a clearer, crisper view with fewer cleanings required.

The density of the lens surface also helps to protect against scratches, especially tiny scratches that can happen when the lenses are exposed to small grit and particles. 

What Are the Different Types of Crizal Lenses?

There are several types of Crizal lenses to choose from, each designed to different specifications. Here are the available options:

  • Crizal Sapphire HR: These lenses are non-reflective as well as scratch-resistant and easy to clean. They repel water and dust, and they protect against UV rays. 
  • Crizal Prevencia: Like the Sapphire lenses, the Prevencia lenses are also resistant to scratches and easy to keep clean, but they also filter blue-violet light. These Crizal lenses work particularly well for those who work on screens regularly.
  • Crizal Avancé: Avancé lenses are one of the more durable lenses available through Crizal, offering the company’s trademark scratch resistance with additional UV protection and anti-glare properties. The surface of the lenses repels water and dust, making them a great choice for people who spend a lot of time outdoors.
  • Crizal Alizé: Alizé lenses are exceptional choices for sports glasses and sunglasses. These lenses are designed to protect against the sun’s glare off water surfaces, so they work well at the beach or near any other body of water. They also repel water.
  • Crizal Easy: This is Crizal’s budget lens. Easy lenses feature their basic scratch and smudge resistance as well as anti-glare properties. This is a good option for those who don’t need the extra features found in the other styles of lenses.

What Are the Benefits of Crizal Lenses?

These are some of the benefits of Crizal lenses: 

  • Anti-glare: Crizal lenses feature an anti-glare coating that helps to deflect the sun’s glare in bright light, dim light, and off water.
  • Scratch resistance: All Crizal lenses have a patented surface that help them to deflect smudges and scratches, making them easier to clean than most prescription lenses.
  • Blue light protection: Some Crizal lenses come with a blue light blocker to help protect against the violet-blue light that comes from computers, tablets, televisions, and smartphone screens.
  • Easy to clean: Crizal lenses are designed to be low maintenance and require less cleaning compared to other lenses. The special coating repels water, dust, and smudges.

How Much Do Crizal Lenses Cost?

Different types of Crizal lenses come at different price points. The more features, the higher the associated price.

On average, Crizal lenses will add $90 to $160 to the price of your lenses. 

Can You Upgrade Your Crizal Lenses?

You cannot take in a pair of glasses with Crizal lenses and ask that new coatings be added to them. You can, however, get a different type of Crizal lens in those frames that include the coating you want. 

For example, if you buy the Crizal Easy lenses (the most economical option) but later decide that you want the water-repelling feature that the Alize lenses offer, you will need to swap out the lenses. There is no option to simply add on the water-repellent coating to the Easy lenses. 

Do Crizal Lenses Offer a Warranty?

Yes, Crizal lenses come with a warranty, though the terms will vary based on the type of Crizal lens you purchase and where you buy them. In most cases, the warranty will cover defects in the lens material or workmanship that are the fault of the manufacturer, but some warranties will also cover accidental damage or loss of the lenses. 

Normal wear and tear or damage caused by misuse or neglect will likely not be covered.

Where Can You Purchase Crizal Lenses?

You can purchase Crizal lenses at a variety of retailers, including eye care clinics, optometrists’ offices, eyewear chains like Walmart Vision Center or LensCrafters, or online retailers.

Crizal Lenses FAQs

Are Crizal lenses worth it?

For people who want low-maintenance lenses that don’t scratch or smudge easily, Crizal lenses are worth it. They are more expensive than standard lenses, but their resistance to scratching can mean they last much longer, making them a good long-term investment.

What is special about Crizal lenses?

Crizal lenses feature a proprietary lens coating that repels smudges, fingerprints, and scratches, ensuring clearer vision while wearing them. Crizal lenses also feature anti-reflective and anti-glare properties as well as a water-repellent coating. 

Which Crizal lens is the best?

All Crizal lenses are solid choices for prescription glasses. The one that is right for you will depend on where you wear your glasses most often and what you do while you’re wearing them. 

For example, if you spend a lot of time outside and want UV protection as well as anti-glare technology, the Avancé lenses may be the best choice. If you’re outdoors but also on a lake or out on the ocean frequently, the water-repellent feature of the Alizé lenses may serve you best. 

For people who work with computers or other screens that emit blue light, the Sapphire UV lenses may be a good fit due to their ability to filter violet-blue light. 

Ultimately, the right lens for you will be based on your lifestyle and preferences.


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