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Wills Eye Hospital

About Wills Eye Hospital

Wills Eye Surgical Network is a leading provider of LASIK eye surgery and other ophthalmic services in Philadelphia, PA. Their commitment to patient care and safety is evident in their approach to providing the latest technologies and techniques to ensure the best possible outcomes for their patients.

Their team of experienced surgeons is highly skilled in performing LASIK surgery and other refractive procedures, such as PRK and LASEK. They use state-of-the-art technology, including wavefront-guided LASIK, to create personalized treatment plans that are tailored to each patient’s unique needs. This approach allows for precise corrections that can result in improved vision and reduced dependence on glasses or contact lenses.

In addition to LASIK surgery, Wills Eye Surgical Network offers a wide range of ophthalmic services, including diagnostic testing, contact lens fittings, low vision rehabilitation, and treatment for a variety of eye conditions and diseases. Their subspecialty services include retina, glaucoma, cornea, and pediatric ophthalmology, among others. They also have an eye emergency department that is open 24/7 to provide urgent care for eye-related injuries and conditions.

Wills Eye Surgical Network has received numerous accolades and awards for their commitment to excellence in patient care and surgical outcomes. They are recognized as a Center of Excellence for Ophthalmic Surgical Training and Innovation and host an annual Wills Conference that brings together leading experts in the field of ophthalmology. They are also home to the Vickie and Jack Farber Vision Research Center, which conducts clinical trials and research to advance the field of ophthalmology.

Wills Eye Surgical Network serves patients in the Philadelphia area and beyond, with multiple locations throughout the region. Their dedicated team of healthcare professionals, including residents and fellows, participate in regular rounds and conferences to ensure the highest level of care for their patients.

Wills Eye Surgical Network is a top provider of LASIK eye surgery, with a commitment to patient care and safety that sets them apart. Their experienced team of surgeons, state-of-the-art technology, and wide range of services make them a top choice for anyone seeking LASIK surgery or other eye-related care.

Wills Eye Hospital Reviews

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Most Common Trends in Wills Eye Hospital Reviews

Profound medical expertise
Critical operational shortcomings
Prolonged wait times
Absence of effective communication
Inconsistencies in handling paperwork and insurance

Patients are talking about:

  • Despite the high praises for the medical competence of some doctors at Wills Eye Hospital, particularly in the field of oncology, there are widespread concerns about operational issues that hinder the patient experience.
  • One glaring issue lies in the management of appointments where overbooking is suspected, leading to extremely long wait times, and procedures starting hours after the scheduled time.
  • Communication seems to be another key area of concern where patients felt left in the dark about necessary details regarding their conditions, treatments, or insurance procedures.
  • Some customers also reported instances of lost medical records and difficulties in obtaining necessary paperwork, indicating a potential lack in administrative efficiency.
  • While the medical outcomes vary, the overall patient experience seems largely affected by these operational issues, which could ultimately impact the trust and confidence in the medical care provided.

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