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Tauber Eye Center

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4400 Broadway Blvd, Ste 202, Kansas City, MO, 64111
Tauber Eye Center

About Tauber Eye Center

Tauber Eye Center is a renowned provider of LASIK and other eye care services. They firmly believe in providing personalized care to their patients, starting from the initial evaluation and continuing throughout the post-operative period. Their approach involves establishing an "old fashioned" doctor-patient relationship, where the surgeon is always available via email or phone for any questions or concerns. Dr. Tauber, a board-certified ophthalmologist, brings to the table over 80 papers, books, and book chapters on corneal disease and refractive surgery. He is one of the first surgeons to perform laser vision correction in the US and specializes in advanced methods of corneal transplantation.

Tauber Eye Center offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic and treatment technologies to ensure quality medical care. They use state-of-the-art laser and other surgical equipment and have a well-trained, skilled surgeon and competent supportive surgical staff to perform the best surgery. Tauber Eye Center places a great emphasis on attention to detail to ensure accuracy of data collection in preparation for surgery. They also offer advanced contact lens fitting services and treatment for conditions such as blepharitis, cataracts, dry eye, and FUCHS' corneal dystrophy.

Tauber Eye Center serves patients in Kansas City, Missouri, and the surrounding areas. They have a first-class facility and a team of experienced professionals who strive to provide compassionate excellence in eye care. With their focus on personalized care and advanced technology, Tauber Eye Center is an excellent choice for anyone seeking LASIK or other eye care services.

Tauber Eye Center Reviews

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Most Common Trends in Tauber Eye Center Reviews

Expertise in tough cases
Effective and thorough communication
Success in surgical outcomes
Timely scheduling and post-op care
Administrative concerns

Patients are talking about:

  • Dr. Tauber and Dr. Remmington excel in diagnosing and treating challenging and unique cases, providing personalized and empathetic care.
  • Patients report improved vision after cataract surgery and successful cornea transplants.
  • The doctors effectively communicate the treatment plan and educate patients on self-care, enhancing the overall patient experience.
  • Despite some isolated complaints about prescription handling and billing, overall patient satisfaction is high.

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Refractive Surgery Services

Custom LASIK
Monovision LASIK
Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK)
Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE)
Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL)
Corneal Cross-linking
Intacs Corneal Implant
Lifestyle Lenses

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