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LaserFit is a contact lens provider that specializes in creating custom scleral lenses for patients with complex vision problems. LaserFit was founded by Dr. Greg Gemoules, an optometrist with over a decade of experience researching the effects of contact lenses on post-surgical eyes. Dr. Gemoules is a member of the Texas Optometric and American Optometric Associations and has a degree in chemistry from Millikin University and an O.D. degree from the Illinois College of Optometry.

LaserFit's approach to fitting contact lenses is unique and highly effective. They use a 100% digital and non-invasive process to create a three-dimensional digital model of the surface of the eye. This model is then used to design a custom lens that perfectly matches the shape of the patient's eye. LaserFit's patented Wavefront optics are unmatched, and they are able to correct more visual aberrations than any other lens system available.

LaserFit's custom scleral lenses have helped patients from over 40 countries and all 50 states in the USA. The lenses are highly effective for patients with complex vision issues such as keratoconus, corneal damage resulting from LASIK complications, and dry eye disorders. Each lens is unique and designed to counter each specific corneal aberration, providing patients with the best possible vision.

In addition to their advanced technology and custom lens design, LaserFit is known for their exceptional patient care. They offer dedicated 1-on-1 sessions with patients, ensuring that each fit is completed in a short time frame and that the fit, comfort, and quality of vision are re-evaluated and refined until the patient and doctor are satisfied. Patients are free to go about their day sight-seeing or shopping while LaserFit does the heavy lifting behind the scenes.

LaserFit has locations in several states and serves patients from all over the world. They are dedicated to improving quality of life for patients with complex vision issues and are committed to providing the best possible care and technology to achieve that goal. If you are a potential LASIK patient with complex vision issues, LaserFit may be the right choice for you.

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