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TBI, Concussions & Eyesight

A concussion is a head injury or a blow to the head. It may be mild, moderate, or severe. It is often called a traumatic brain injury or TBI.  Concussions are often caused by car accidents, sports injuries, or blows to the head. A blow to the head has many signs and symptoms. Some of […]

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Flashing Lights in the Eyes (Photopsia): Causes & Treatment

Photopsias are visual flashes of light that come in many forms.  The primary causes of photopsias are posterior vitreous detachment, retinal tears, and neovascular age-related macular degeneration. Treatment will depend on the particular conditions causing photopsia.  What Do Photopsias Look Like? Photopsias are visual flashes, but this covers a wide range of similar yet distinct […]

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Driving in the Rain: Dangers & Tips

While it’s sometimes necessary, driving in the rain is inherently more dangerous than driving under normal conditions. Visibility is reduced, and your car has a weaker grip on surfaces.  Proceed with caution while driving in the rain. Reduce your speed, and get off the road if conditions make it unsafe to proceed. Dangers of Driving […]

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Blurry Vision in One Eye: Causes & Treatment

Blurry vision in one eye is usually a symptom of a larger issue to be diagnosed and treated. Ophthalmologists first look to see if there are issues with the macular or the optic nerve, two key systems in the eye. Medications, surgery and phototherapy are among treatments that doctors can deploy. Causes of Blurry Vision […]

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Nearsightedness vs. Farsightedness: What is the Difference?

Nearsightedness and farsightedness have the same cause — light bending incorrectly into the eyes — but opposite outcomes. In one condition, your up-close vision is poor. In the other, your distance vision is affected. You can have both conditions at the same time, but it is rare. What Is Nearsightedness? Also known as myopia, nearsightedness […]

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20/100 Vision: What Does That Mean?

Having 20/100 vision means you must stand no more than 20 feet away from an object to see it clearly, while someone with normal vision can see it clearly from 100 feet away. 20/100 vision qualifies as having low vision, which needs eyeglasses to correct. Normal visual acuity is 20/20 vision, while 20/200 vision with […]

man squinting to see

Contrast Sensitivity: Meaning, Testing, and Treatment 

Contrast sensitivity is your eyes’ ability to identify an object not clearly defined from its background. It enables us to see well in different conditions, such as foggy or rainy days, and allows you to identify road signs when driving during the night. How Is Contrast Sensitivity Testing Useful? Contrast sensitivity testing can supplement other […]

visual acuity testing

Visual Acuity: Meaning, Tests & Scores Explained

Visual acuity is the ability of your eyes to distinguish between objects that you see when standing at a specific distance. It is also called visual sharpness, or clarity of vision.  Acuity is the first thing eye doctors assess when examining a patient because it gives a baseline of the person’s eyesight. Someone with normal […]

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20/25 Vision: Is It Good or Bad

Having 20/25 vision means having eyesight that is considered just out of the normal range. Normal vision is called 20/20 vision. The numbers 20 and 25 mean that someone with this visual acuity must stand five feet closer to an object than someone with 20/20 vision does to see it clearly. People with 20/25 vision […]

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20/30 Vision: What Does It Mean and Do I Need Corrective Lenses?

If a doctor tests your eyes and the results say you have 20/30 vision, your vision is slightly worse than that of a person with normal eyesight (20/20). A person with 20/30 vision needs to move 10 feet closer to an object than someone with 20/20 sight. What Does 20/30 Vision Mean? A score like […]

woman with 20-20 vision

20/20 Vision: Visual Acuity, Testing, and More

Someone with 20/20 vision is considered to have normal visual acuity, or normal eyesight. About 35 percent of adult Americans have 20/20 vision, which means they can see objects clearly when standing 20 feet away. 20/20 does not denote perfect vision, and there are other designations for people with better vision than 20/20. People with […]

color blind testing

Color Blind Testing: Types of Tests and Where to Take Them

Online tests now make it possible to screen for color blindness from the comfort of your home. But any finding of a color vision deficiency needs to be confirmed by other tests such as Ishihara color plate, anomalscopy and other tests in a doctor’s office. In most cases, color blindness is a hereditary disorder, one […]