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Opticians: Education, Services Provided, and When to See One

While opticians might have lesser qualifications and narrower scope of practice than other members of an eye care team, these technicians are the lifeline of vision care services. An optician is an ophthalmologic practitioner trained to design, fit and dispense lenses for correcting visual issues. Eye care specialists include ophthalmologists, optometrist(s) and opticians. Opticians who […]


Optometrists: What They Do and When to See One

Optometrists are eye care professionals who diagnose and treat various vision problems. An optometrist can test for vision changes, prescribe corrective lenses and handle other eye-related treatments, but they cannot perform major eye surgeries. Unlike ophthalmologists, optometrists are not medical doctors, and their scope of practice is limited to managing certain eye abnormalities and conditions. […]

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Ophthalmologists – Education, Expertise, When to See One and More

When you experience vision problems and decide to visit an urgent care facility or your primary care physician, you are likely to be referred to an ophthalmologist, optometrist or optician. While all these are vision and eye care providers, they differ in expertise and training. Ophthalmologists are highly trained and skilled physicians who specialize in […]

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Eye Doctors: Types, Specialties, and Who to See

Having sound eye health is important to prolonging quality vision. One not-so-secret way of maintaining the health of your eyes is to visit an eye doctor regularly so that all changes in your vision get documented. The work of all eye care practitioners is to provide comprehensive eye care to their patients.  Nevertheless, not all […]