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the sclera

The Sclera: The White of the Eye & Related Eye Conditions

In the simplest terms, the sclera represents the “white” of the eye or the white portion of the eye that surrounds the colored portion, or iris.  Conditions that affect the sclera include ectasia, episcleritis, sclera coloboma, scleritis, and senile scleral plaques. Additional conditions can potentially trigger color changes in the sclera, such as a burst […]

antifungal eye drops

Antifungal Eye Drops: Treatment for Fungal Eye Infections

Some types of eye infections are caused by fungus. Antifungal eye drops are often the best method for treating these types of infections. Antifungal eye drops are not the same as over-the-counter eye drops. These eye drops are not intended to clear red eyes or moisten the eyes. Their primary purpose is to clear a […]

easy home remedies for dry eyes

Easy Home Remedies for Dry Eyes

Dry eyes affect everyone from time to time. Most often, they can be treated with home remedies, such as lubricating eye drops, warm compresses, environmental changes, and resting your eyes. How Common Are Dry Eyes? Dry eyes occur when your eyes do not produce enough tears to lubricate the eye. Millions of people are affected […]

trouble focusing eyes causes treatment

Trouble Focusing Eyes: Causes & Treatment

Trouble focusing the eyes is often due to digital eye strain. If you’ve been staring at screens, scrolling on your phone, and relying on electronic devices for too many hours a day, this can make focusing problematic.  While digital eye strain may be causing your eyes to have difficulty focusing, it is not the only […]

monolid eye shapes all you need to know

Monolid Eye Shapes: All You Need to Know

Monolid eyes do not appear to have a crease. This type of eyelid is also known as single eyelids. A monolid eye shape is most commonly found in people of Asian heritage. The skin on the top of your eyelid is called the epicanthal fold. It extends to the inner corner of the eye.  Monolids […]

eye irritation causes diagnosis treatment

Eye Irritation: Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment

Eye irritation can be uncomfortable, problematic, and distressing. When your eyes are irritated, understanding the source of the irritation can help you find relief.  Common causes of eye irritation are allergies, irritants, particles, contact lenses, infections, and other medical conditions.  If you are experiencing eye irritation, finding quick relief is a top priority. If quick […]

eye discharge what it tells you about your health

Eye Discharge & What It Tells You About Your Health

Eye discharge is a common occurrence for most people. While it is not dangerous, it could signify that something is not quite right with your eye health.  We’ve outlined some of the most common causes of eye boogers and how they relate to your health below. What Are Eye Boogers or Eye Discharge? Eye boogers, […]

when babies develop eye color

When Babies Develop Eye Color: Eye Color Changes & More

Eye color reaches permanence within the first year of birth, although some babies’ eye color can change up to the age of 3. Subtle changes in color can occur up to 6 years old. Generally, a child’s eye color is not “set” until 9 to 12 months old.   A study conducted by Stanford University asserts […]

why do my eyes hurt when i blink

Why Do My Eyes Hurt When I Blink? Causes & Treatment

If your eyes hurt when you blink, it could be a minor issue that easily resolves, or it could be a sign of a more serious problem. Pain while blinking could be caused by common conditions, such as dry eyes, pink eye, or a stye. With home remedies and good eye hygiene, these conditions usually […]

blunt eye trauma

Blunt Eye Trauma: Symptoms, Risk & Treatment

Blunt eye trauma occurs when the eye is hit hard, often from a ball, bat, or other hard object. The injury may damage different parts of the eye, including the eyeball, eyelid, and the delicate bones behind the eyeball.  The length of recovery varies depending on the severity of the injury, if the skin is […]

vitreoretinal specialist

Vitreoretinal Specialist: What They Do & When to See One

A vitreoretinal specialist is a medical professional who specializes in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of diseases and conditions affecting the macula, peripheral retina, and/or vitreous gel.  You should see one when you experience any condition affecting these areas or if you are experiencing clouding, bleeding, inflammation, or infection in this area.  What Is a […]

how to tell if you have deep set eyes

How to Tell if You Have Deep-Set Eyes

If your eyes seem to be set back further into your skull than others, you have deep-set eyes.  This is often most evident if you look at your eyes from the side. You can take a picture so you can more easily assess how they look from the side. What Are Deep-Set Eyes? If you […]