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man with itchy eyes

Why Are My Eyes Itchy: Causes and Treatment

Eyes usually get red, sore, irritated and itchy because something in the environment triggers an allergic reaction or because of dust and other particles in the air. It is not a serious condition, one that typically gets treated with eye drops. But if the itchiness doesn’t abate, you should see your eye doctor. Overview Itchy […]

woman with gray eyes

Gray Eyes: Causes, Pros, and Cons

Having gray eyes is one of the rarest physical conditions in the human race. The color is caused by the front layer of the iris having less melanin than the back layer. Women with gray eyes tend to have a blue shade of gray, while men usually have a green shade of gray. How Does […]

woman getting dominant eye test

Dominant Eye Test: How to Determine Your Dominant and Non-Dominant Eye

A dominant eye test produces results that explain which of a person’s two eyes is more dominant than the other.  The exams do not determine which eye sees more clearly, only which eye is the one used primarily for vision. What Is a Dominant Eye Test? Dominant eye tests tell which eye is the stronger […]

avastin eye injection

Avastin for Eye Disease

Avastin, or bevacizumab, is a prescription drug that treats internal eye bleeding by limiting the development of abnormal blood vessels. It is approved to treat several eye conditions, including retinal vein occlusion, macular edema, age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. Avastin does not restore lost sight but does slow down the rate of vision loss. […]

woman with eyelash extensions

Are Eyelash Extensions Safe? Risks & Benefits

Eyelash extensions are safe when clean and properly applied. Only have eyelash extensions applied by an experienced professional. If eyelash extensions are applied incorrectly, it can lead to injury to the eye, infection, and other issues. What Are Eyelash Extensions? Eyelash extensions are different than standard fake lashes which are applied with each use. Extensions […]

Lutein and Zeaxanthin

Lutein and Zeaxanthin for Vision: Foods and Supplements

Lutein and zeaxanthin are natural xanthophyll carotenoids, which protect against excess inflammation and reduce the risk of age-related vision issues. Lutein and zeaxanthin are potent antioxidants, and they protect from the damage that free radicals cause in your body. A daily intake between 2 mg and 10 mg seems to offer a range of notable […]

lumify eye drops

Lumify Eye Drops: How They Work & Who is a Candidate 

Lumify eye drops are FDA approved to treat eye redness that result from minor irritations. They can be used in combination with other eyedrops, even those that are medicated, provided you wait at least five minutes between applications. Lumify’s formula is different than that of most anti-redness drops. Its active ingredient is brimonidine tartrate. The […]

woman with painful bump on eyelid

Painful Bump on Eyelid: Causes & Treatment

Painful bumps on the eyelid usually stem from blockage of an eyelid gland or tear duct. The resulting buildup of staphylococcus bacteria is why styes or chalazia develop. Effective treatments include warm compresses and an ability to not touch or rub the bumps. Sometimes doctors prescribe antibiotics to clear up the infection. Most cases resolve […]

eye discharge

Eye Discharge: Causes, Treatment, and More

Eye discharge is excess fluid that builds up in the eyes and comes out as watery or viscus fluid or as a crusty buildup. Causes of discharge can range from an allergic reaction to an infection to a foreign body that has gotten under the eyelid. Most eye discharge is harmless and does not need […]

woman blinking

Why Do We Blink Our Eyes?

Everybody does it without even thinking about it. And it happens so fast that it has spawned a common expression of speed: “It happened in the blink of an eye.”  Blinking is the semi-autonomic action of rapidly closing your eyelids. It is an essential eye function that spread tears across your eyes and eliminates irritants and […]

diabetic eye exams

Diabetic Eye Exams

Diabetic eye examinations are necessary for anyone who has diabetes because of the strong connection between the disease and vision problems. Someone with diabetes should have at least one eye exam per year. Examples of eye diseases related to diabetes include: Cataracts Glaucoma Diabetic retinopathy Diabetic macular edema Routine eye exams and diabetic eye exams […]

optician holding glasses

Opticians: Education, Services Provided, and When to See One

While opticians might have lesser qualifications and narrower scope of practice than other members of an eye care team, these technicians are the lifeline of vision care services. An optician is an ophthalmologic practitioner trained to design, fit and dispense lenses for correcting visual issues. Eye care specialists include ophthalmologists, optometrist(s) and opticians. Opticians who […]